Media praise for XSLT

"Anyone with an interest in XML-based technologies in general, and their application to Web publishing in particular, should find this well worth reading."
--Major Keary, PC Update, October 2002

"A very good job explaining the XML technology with very descriptive narrative and excellent examples...I found this book to be an excellent learning reference. Rating: 9.5 out of 10."
--Doug Larson, San Diego Mac Users Group, Feb 2002

"This book is a must-have for developers working with XML and XSLT."
--Brian Donovan,

"I had high hopes for this book, coming as it does from the O'Reilly stable and I wasn't disappointed... In conclusion, I found this an excellent book and would recommend it both as a tutorial and as a reference. I was particularly impressed by the amount of example material in the reference section, since many such books simply include a terse description and syntax overview."
--David Nash, CVU, Feb 2002

"This is a fine book for those who need to get up to speed with XSLT, which must include most XML developers."
--Tim Anderson,, Jan 2002

"This book is an excellent introduction and reference. The style manages to be friendly, detailed and yet brisk without being overbearing. We would certainly list it amongst the books worth reading before coming on one of our XML courses...this is a fine work, and provides a very usable introduction and reference to XSLT. So much so, that we have begun to giving the book to delegates on our instructor-led XML programming courses for software developers."

"This is one of my favorite books on XSLT."
--Jennifer Kyrnin About Guide to HTML, Nov 2001

"If you are serious about using XML, then this is the book for you. We found this book very valuable, so much so that once guys had undertaken some of its examples, they didn't want any other to borrow the book from them. Therefore, when you purchase this book, we suggest a chain link to your wrist, otherwise you may find that others won't want to return it to you. Congratulations Doug Tidwell, for writing a fine book, which clearly shows your talent in writing, and O'Reilly (the publishers) for releasing yet another fine book."
--Stefan Elliott,

"'XSLT' is an excellent tutorial on this critical technology, a must-have text for developers getting serious with XML."
--Stephen W. Plain,

"XSL, XSLT, XPointer, XPath, XQL, XHTML: Even if you're an XML developer, unless you make a point of staying up to date with the XML technology community, all these "X" words are apt to make your head spin! But once you recover from that initial sense of being overwhelmed, it's important to realize the potential increases in efficiency and productivity you can achieve by applying the technologies these "X" words represent -- and Extensible Stylesheet Transformations (XSLT) should be high on your list...As a developer, reading this book can only benefit you. Although a handful of languages are able to translate XML, XSLT is the only one specifically designed for this task. And even if you never actually use XSLT, escaping temporarily into this realm and away from the world of procedural languages will enhance your creative and problem-solving capabilities. The book makes you rethink your projects, past and present. And if you do actually employ -- or want to employ -- XSLT, Tidwell's book can serve as both a valuable tool for deepening your knowledge and a practical reference for your development bookshelf."
--John A. Prince, The Rational Edge, Jan 2001