Media praise for Windows Me Annoyances

"Believe me, this is a book that you want to include in your PC library."
--Inge K. Fisher, Charlotte Bytes, Dec 2001

"a VERY useful book for any owner of Windows ME. I give it two thumbs up."
--John Schuster, The Bridge, Sept 2001

"Windows ME Annoyances now holds a prominent place on my bookshelf and is a useful tool that I find myself referring to frequently."
--Elliott R. Glantz, Cache, Sept 2001

"Well written and packed with cures for common Windows Me problems we all suffer, this book also reveals undisclosed Windows features. Great for beginners who want to progress to be experts one day."
--Computer Buyer, August 2001

Reviews for Windows 98 Annoyances

"...jam-packed with hints, tips and useful information about how to optimize and troubleshoot Windows 98. David Karp does an excellent job of writing a clear, concise book that is easy and enjoyable to read. An excellent source of information on undocumented features of the program. I would give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars."
--Barbara Kreiss, Bytes & Bits, Nov 1999

"I recommend the book Windows 98 Annoyances, by David A. Karp. It is fantastic. It has over 400 pages of information that Microsoft has decided you mostly don't need to know. If you are at all serious about learning how to make Windows 98 work for you, then you need this book." --Art Becker, Computer Journal, Jan 2000

"One common complaint about Windows 98 is that it comes with no manuals...for folks who want more than the basics, and don't mind Messing around under the hood,Windows 98 Annoyances by David A. Karp is an excellent choice. It helps you cope with the many quirks of Win98...Annoyances also offers tons of convenience- and performance-enhancing tips."
--Stephen H. Wildstrom, Newsweek, Nov 23, 1998

"Intermediate to advanced users who find dumbed-down Windows 98 help books less than useful, are in for a pleasant surprise. Windows 98 Annoyances (O'Reilly and Associates, 1998; $24.95) goes beyond rehashed tips for beginners to take a serious look at the new operating system and some of its more exasperating 'features.' Despite the title, the author David A. Karp spends little time dwelling on the negative, preferring a 'if it's wrong, let's fix it' approach. ...Karp's style is friendly and witty without getting in the way of the information.... I thought I knew a lot of Windows 98 tricks and workarounds; Windows 98 Annoyances made me feel like a neophyte. If you're fine with Windows the way it is --and you have the patience of a saint--you don't need this book. But if you've ever gritted your teeth while Windows 98 started searching your floppy drive for no apparent reason, this could be the best $25 you've ever spent."
--Jon Jacobi, PC World, Nov 1998