Media praise for Java Message Service

Java Developers Journal 2002 Readers Choice Award: Best Book

"'Java Message Service' is an excellent introduction to the topic of messaging and the use of JMS in implementing a messaging system/service. The writing is clear as are the examples. If you're looking for a good guide to the use of this particular aspect of J2EE, this is a good place to begin."
--Ed Bell, Ed's Internet Book Review

"I found 'Java Message Service' to be a well written book that did a good job of covering the details of writing message oriented applications in Java."
--Jeremy Beker, Williamsburg Macromedia User Group, August 2002

"At a time when publishers seem to prefer more pages to quality information, it is a pleasure to find a book that manages to provide you with all the information you need on a topic in only 220 pages." --Thomas Paul,, Feb 2001

"Considering the complexity and reach of the subject matter, Java Message Service does a great job of covering both theory and practice in a surprisingly efficient manner. It's easy to see why JMS has become so popular so quickly. Recommended." --Steve Patient,

"All around of the things I really dig about O'Reilly books is they assume you have a clue, give you the information you need without a lot of filler. This is no exception. It gives basic treatment to the concepts behind messaging services, and why they're cool, describes the different aspects of the JMS, and provides code snippets that give you information without much filler. If you're into Java, and find yourself needing to communicate with things best kept separate, pick this up. Or borrow it from me. Or something." --EVIL BASTARD, March 2001

"This is a really good book, and, in many ways, better than the book I coauthored. I recommend that everyone interested in JMS pick up a copy. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this book a 9.5. Java Message Service is an excellent book and an essential item for your library." --James McGovern, Java Developers Journal, March 2001

"Any developer or system architect who has a need to connect applications will benefit from the information in Java Message Service." --Java Developers Journal, Feb 2001