Media praise for Learning Red Hat Linux

"Here is a book that will give you a helpful and hearty boost in the right direction along the path to creative computing independence...the O'Reilly publications are cream of the Linux reference publications."
--Rip Yarnall, CCPCUG, Nov 2002

"The first thing that impressed me was the way 'Learning Red Hat Linux' was written. It read more like a novel then a technical manual/book, and I found myself excited to see what was on the next page. The book is a quick get-you-started guide that explains what you need to know, then moves on and does not spend too much time dilly-dallying...Microsoft OS readers should NOT pickup up this book, it will make you want to format your OS and install Linux, it did for me!"
--Ken Wilcox, Boise Software Developers Group, July 2002

"The book is an excellent guide to get somebody up and running with the latest release of RedHat Linux. By the time you have read the last page not only will you have set up your computer to create nicely formatted documents, sophisticated spreadsheets or even graphically appealing presentations, but also you will have integrated your computer into your local network, set up your e-mail, and even accessed the Internet using the ISP of your choice."
--Adrian Popescue, New York Oracle Users Group, May 2002

From Previous Edition

"For those of us who need our hands held, so far this is the best basic book I've seen."
--A.T.Connellan, online

"A one-week course in anything would cost me $1500 or more. Give me an O'Reilly 'Learn XXX' book and a little spare time, and I'll get considerably better value sitting right here doing my own hands-on learning"
--Sandra Henry-Stocker, LinuxWorld, Feb 11, 2002

"A MUST have--no other option if you are doing Linux you need the book!"
--Ralph E. Wasmer Jr, Great Inland Sea Computer User Group, July 2000

"The author covers all the installation bases, from one of the best explanations of the DOS kludge called fdisk to excellent examples of how to get the necessary system information from the Windows 9x Control Panel. Learning Red Hat Linux is the book for all those Windows users who have been putting off installing and learning Linux for much too long. Finding out that Red Hat's installation and Bill McCarty's book can take the pain out of getting started in the Linux world is worth more than the price of the book (hey, it even includes the Red Hat installation CD-ROM, just think of the time and disk space you save not having to download the file)."
--Bryon Poehlman, Written Word Reviewer's Guild, October 2000

"The book and disc have everything you need to get Linux up and running...this book does exactly what it sets out to do: get the Linux novice user up and running useful applications quickly. If you are in the market for a gentle introduction to Linux,
Learning Red Hat Linux is well worth checking out..."
--Keith Schengili-Roberts, Computer Paper, April 2000

"Any IT professional looking for a good working knowledge of Red Hat Linux and related terminology should buy this book."
--Shawn McNutt, IT Support News

"For the geek on your gift list interested in taking her computer experience to a new level, Linux is where it's at. But it can be hard to get here, and this book/software package from legendary computer book publisher O'Reilly & Associates is a great way to start."
--John Fleck, Albuquerque Tribune, Dec 17, 1999

"McCarty has compressed a beginner's guide to the operating system into 351 pages, leaving out the incomprehensibility that characterizes other Linux guides."
--Network News, Dec 15, 1999

" of the more useful and user-friendly Linux books; it clearly explains procedures and provides the reader with the precise answers...this is one of the books that I reference frequently."
--Elizabeth Zinkann, Sys Admin, Feb 2000

" in it's category, especially helpful to newbies."
--Paul Andrews, Seattle Times, Sunday Nov 14, 1999