Media praise for Python Standard Library

"With useful, witty code examples, 'Python Standard Library' is a joy to work through, providing much more meat than any standard reference work."
--Martin Howse, Linux User & Developer--VSJ, Feb 2003

"Ideal for any working Python developer, Fredik Lundh's 'Python Standard Library' provides an excellent tour of some of the most important modules in today's Python 2.0 standard. Mixing sample code and plenty of expert advice, this title will be indispensable for programmers...There's a lot of expertise on display in 'Python Standard Library.' The code does much of the talking in this example-packed text, which is sure to earn its place on any working Pythonprogrammer's bookshelf."
--Richard Dragan,

"When I offered to review Python Standard Library, I expected to find a dull list of library functions with dry descriptions of their arguments. I was pleasantly surprised, though, when I started reading the book. The author claims to spend hundreds of hours answering questions on the comp.lang.python Usenet newsgroup. It shows. Rather than the dry manual I expected, this book is filled with useful examples--it doesn't answer every question readers might have, but for its size and readability it does a good job. Unlike some books I have seen on other programming languages--where readers are handed a lot of code but figuring out what it does and what it is related to is left to them--I found all the examples in this book relevant to the subjects being addressed."
--Phil Hughes, Linux Journal, June 2001

"If you are learning Python, a beginner to intermediate Python programmer, you'll want to get a copy of Fredrik Lundh's Python Standard Library...if you're a beginner to intermediate Python programmer you'll find the sample code and commentary invaluable when you try to implement an unfamiliar module, particularly some of the more complex ones. And the tips sprinkled throughout the text will help you achieve mastery of this most glorious of programming languages. Highly recommended."
--Luke Tymowski, ZopeNewbies, June 18, 2001

"This book is a collection of actual scripts and accompanying explanations, for each Python library module, written by the authoritative expert in the field, Fredrik Lundh. As such, it is absolutely indispensable to the Python professional and hobbyist. Largely relying on Mr. Lundh's innumerable and profound contributions to the Python newsgroup over a period of years, the book is a work of art that could not have been created in a few months like so many of the computer books that are rushed to publication these days. This book is the true distilled wit and wisdom of countless dozens of hours spent in thought by an extremely intelligent and dedicated man. This book is worthy of respect...If you do any Python programming at all, this will be one of the best spent $30 you will ever spend, and the book will be a cherished reference book for a long, long time."
--Ron Stephens, Python City