Media praise for Running Weblogs with Slash

"When I first saw this book, I thought it would be dull. Who wants to read documentation for a bunch of Perl scripts? As it turns out, the book is mostly case study and installation/configuration guide. Although obviously aimed at people considering using the open-source "slash" engine for their own sites, reading about how the Slashdot administrators evolved their software to cope with such astonishingly high traffic is quite inspirational. There is a lot of solid wisdom for anyone involved in maintaining web applications on the Internet. If you are designing or improving a public collaborative web application and want to be able to scale to massive traffic, this book is an important addition to your bookshelf."
--Frank Carver, JavaRanch, August 2003

"Perfect for Web geeks who just have to do the programming themselves."
--Jennifer L. Leo, East Bay Express, Nov 27, 2002

"If you haven't heard of Slashdot, you've probably been living under a 286 for the past four years. The Slashdot Web site is probably one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the Web, and it operates quite gracefully with very few outages. Say what you will about the quality of 'news' and discussion on the site--along with spelling and grammar that would make an elementary teacher cry--but the code that serves up Slashdot is some pretty nifty work. The Slash codebase is freely available to anyone who would like to run a Slash-like Web site, but the documentation isn't plentiful. Happily, the kindly folks at O'Reilly have delivered Running Weblogs with Slash for aspiring Slash Webmasters?if you're new to Slash and *nix, you'll get your money's worth out of this book. The authors go the extra mile for Slash newbies...For such a short book, Slash does a fine job of covering the software and giving the reader all the necessary information to get a site up and running. I would have liked a full chapter on plug-ins, but that's a minor quibble. The book reads well and, unlike many books with multiple authors, it's pretty seamless. I'm really happy with this book, and I give it a hearty thumbs-up to anyone who's considering running a Slash site."
--Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier, UnixReview, July 2002

"'Running Weblogs with Slash' tells you how to set up a Slash site. Of course, if you maintain a Unix Server or are just a reasonably savvy Unix user, you can do that much without the book. But you'll want to customize your site (or weblog) and from what I?ve seen of the documentation available for Slash, you'll want the book."
--Michael Swaine, Dr Dobbs Journal, May 2002

"If you're looking into setting up a community weblog that members can use to share links and stories, Slash is the power tool of choice. With the publication of 'Running Weblogs with Slash', David, chromatic, and Brian make it much more likely that your Slash installation and management will go seamlessly!"
--John Hiler, Corante Tech News, March 6, 2002

"a thoughtful book written by an impressive trio."
--John Hiler, Microcontent News, March 6,2002

"if you have a desire to build a web site running on Slash and you don't want to spend the months that it took me to read the code line-by-line, 'Running Weblogs with Slash' is a good place to start...I would strongly recommend this book to you if you plan to build a Slash-based site and you want to develop a basic understanding of the Slash software as quickly as possible."
--Dave Aiello,, Feb 24, 2002