Media praise for Database Nation

"This book shocked, disturbed, and frightened me. My eyes were forced wide open and I was made to see the reality of our current lack of privacy. We are slowly losing our privacy every day, piece by piece, and most people don't even realize how much danger they're really in."
--Raven,, June 2002

"It is not often that I read a book in one sitting. But starting at St Paul's Underground from 2.30 that afternoon and finishing about the same time the following morning in my study, I was gripped by the horror stories revealed within. Changing from the Central Line to the Bakerloo at Oxford Circus nearly didn't happen for me...My editor allows me roughly 400 words for each article. In this case 400 words are not enough to list the reasons why you should read this book...This is a disturbing book. It is not science fiction. It contains first hand accounts from people whose lives have already been ruined by the blind application of technology. With issues such a national identity cards, automated road tolls firmly on our national agenda, this book qualifies as a must read for all parents and young adults, in fact anyone with a stake in the future direction of our society."
--Robin Abbi, Wycombe Star, March 28, 2002

"Garfinkel's book is a timely reminder of what is happening and where we are headed unless ordinary people exercise vigilance. The scope of his revelations is remarkable, revealing an army of (largely corporate and government ) snoopers who are busily recording information about citizens...of immediate interest to computer users is a discussion of how your computer can be turned against you.." --Major Keary, PC Update, June 2001

"a great book about a subject whose time has come...the most comprehensive, provocative, and well-researched book in print about a topic which has formerly been sealed under lock and key." --Michael Pastore, Midwest Book Review May 2001

"I read the entire book in about 36 hours with deadlines suffering and sleep deprivation encroaching. I couldn't put it down...scary stuff." --Kevin Ryan, Algorithmica Japonica, Oct 2000

Best Books of 2001 Award A great book about a subject whose time has come. Privacy-lovers, take note: Database Nation is the most comprehensive, provocative, and well-researched book in print about a topic which has formerly been sealed under lock and key." --Michael Pastore, Book Lovers Review, March 2001

"Best COMPUTERS IN SOCIETY book" --Third Annual BookBytes Awards, Dec 2000

"a compelling image..Simson Garfinkel lays out the many ways that people often unknowingly, leave huge trails of information..." --Steve Powers and Aline McKenzie, Dallas Morning News January 14, 2001

"Database Nation is a graphic and blistering indictment of the burgeoning technologies used by business, government, and others to invade the self--yourselves--and restrict both your 'freedom to' participate in power and your 'freedom from' abuses of power. The right of privacy is a constitutionally protected right, and its erosion or destruction undermines democratic society as it generate, in one circumstance after another, a new kind of serfdom. This book is one that you're entitled to take very personally." --Ralph Nader, consumer advocate

"Database Nation is illuminating and disturbing, fascinating in its explanations of new technologies, but easily accessible to readers who might not otherwise have an interest in computers. Mr. Garfinkel's accounts of privacy abuses are alarming, not because they are unusually horrifying but because they are so familiar." --Peter H. Lewis, New York Times, February 10, 2000

"A unified, sweeping indictment of how America's failure to establish privacy laws is rapidly concentrating power in the hands of governments, insurance companies and dot-com billionaire--Database Nation aims straight at the things that nearly all Americans, left, right and center, care about deeply. Ignore this book and you ignore your own future." --Will Rodger, USA Today, February 9, 2000

"Database Nation describes how little control we have over our personal information and outlines the myriad and terrifying incursions in store for us if we don't wake up and demand the protections we deserve." --Newsweek

"This is a chilling compendium of the myriad methods government and industry have devised to catalog and profile the preferences of American citizens. It is an essential handbook in the fight against the insidious erosion of a right so dear that freedom itself depends on it." --The Hon. Edward J. Markey, U.S. House of Representatives