Media praise for Programming C#

”I think Programming C# is a good book if you are looking
for one beyond an introductory book on C#. I would
recommend it to developers who are already familiar with C#,
although beginners can read it at their own pace, and risk! For about $39.95 (perhaps less at some online stores), I would say this is a great buy as your first, or even second C# book.”
--Manohar Kamath,, August 5, 2001

"A well-written book that gets straight to the point
of all the topics it covers."
--Computer Shopper, Dec 2001

"Filled with smart examples and truly in-depth
perspective on designing classes with C#, this
book is perfect for anyone moving to C# from another
language, whether it's C++, Visual Basic, or Java."
--Rich Dragan and Brooke Gilbert, Delivers Computer
Programming, Nov 9, 2001

"an adept and extremely well conceived guide to the
C#...It's no secret that many computer books are
pretty much devoid of an authorial personality. This
title is a winning exception...Liberty's wide experience
in computers and general writing skill shows, as he is
able to draw on a wealth of examples to move his text's an excellent language tutorial, certainly one
of the smartest and best available guides to C# as a language.
The author's sure hand here in navigating the difficult waters of
C# and .NET makes for a relatively concise text that is
chock-full of useful information on C#. Filled with notably clever
and inventive examples, this book is possibly this veteran computer
author's best title to date, and it's sure to be a noteworthy
resource as experienced developers tackle C# for the first time."
--Richard Dragan,, Oct 2001

"Excellent C# coverage and examples. Best C# book
so far. Must read!"
--Daniel W. Maltes, .NET Best Picks, Nov 2001

"C# is something that all .NET developers should get
familiar with and this book is the best."
--dotnet-evangelist, Pure ASP.NET,

"written in the usual readable and informative O'Reilly style...knowledge of C# is likely to be one of those requires resume checkmarks for programmers who wish to work in the Microsoft operating system world. Grab it if you're in that business, or if you simply want to understand a new language which may computers will speak in the future." --Netsurfer Digest Aug 1, 2001