Media praise for Subclassing and Hooking with Visual Basic

“I you want to know (in great detail) how to subclass, hook, and superclass Visual Basic, this is the book for you.“
--PC Plus, Dec 2001

"Now and then a book comes out that is so brilliant and so powerful that it smashes the limits of VB programming wide open. It almost becomes a bible. Dan Appleman's API Guide was such a book. Really, there hasn't been another book that has seen as much use (for me, anyway). Now, O'Reilly Publishing has put out another book that has a potential to reach this status. The name of the book is 'Hooking & Subclassing with Visual Basic'." --Robert Gelb,, July 2001

"all of the basic techniques are revealed and a lot more besides especially recommended for VB and VB.NET developers, but will also prove invaluable for C/C++, Managed C++, C#, and Delphi users." --James Cox, Midwest Book Review, August 2001