Media praise for Programming Web Services with XML-RPC

"For those ready for the next level."
--Michael K. Pate, Hot Books for Web Pros,

"This is one of the first important web services books, in part because it explains what can be accomplished without SOAP and WSDL. The authors talk about implementing with PHP, VBScript, COM, Python, Perl, Java, and servlets."
--Ken North, Dr Dobbs

"worthwhile reading...I recommend this book for Web developers and program integrators who want to use the proven, and relatively simple, XML-RPC standard to integrate systems or to provide services, or who want an excellent foundation for moving on to more complex protocols such as SOAP."
--Evelyn Roman, The Rational Edge, Nov 2001

"As a working programmer, I need to get results fast, and I need information that gets me those results. This slim O'Reilly publication is the only book out there on XML-RPC, and the good news is that it gets the job done handily."
--Shane McChesney,

"This is a good book and, if this is an area of programming that interests you, simply buy a copy and save yourself hours of trial and error."
--Mike James, Computer Shopper, Oct 2001