Media praise for The Cathedral & the Bazaar

"If you've never read Eric Raymond's The Cathedral and the Bazaar, you should." --Dave Kearns, Network World, June 4, 2001

"It may be foolish to consider Eric Raymond's recent collection of essays, The Cathedral and the Bazaar, the most important computer programming thinking to follow the Internet revolution. But it would be more unfortunate to overlook the implications and long-term benefits of his fastidious description of open-source software development considering the growing dependence businesses and economies have on emerging computer technologies. Recasting hackerdom in a more positive light may be a heroic undertaking in itself, but considering the Herculean efforts and perfectionist motivations of Raymond and his fellow open-source developers, that light will shine brightly" --Ryan Kuykendal,

"insightful sociological and historical analysis." --Danny Yee, Dr Dobbs Electronic Review of Computer books, June 2001

"The text is essential reading for anyone interested in the way Open Source is shaping the future of the software industry, and giving us more reliable and solid software, a future which obviously has Microsoft extremely scared. It gives an interesting insight into hacker culture, that being hackers in the true sense, not the media scaremongering nonsense, and how that culture has fostered the de-centralised system of Open Source, and why that system works. There are very few "must read" texts in the Linux and Open Source world, but anyone who wants to know where the movement has been, and where it's going, should read this." --Steve Coe, Canada Computes, June 18, 2001

"Originally released in 1999 and already considered a classic...A straight-shooting account of open source development, with plenty of useful and enlightening examples." --Sean Carruthers, Computer Paper, May 2001

"If you've wanted to delve into open source or if you don't understand what the big deal is about open source, Eric Raymond's The Cathedral & The Bazaar is required reading for you! This revised and expanded O'Reilly paperback (also available in a $24.95 hardcover) is surprisingly refreshing to read. Self-proclaimed "hacker philosopher" Eric Raymond evangelizes with the best of them. He goes head-to-head as he delves into the behavior and culture of computer hackers. This tech book is insight into Raymond's amazing evolving journey and truly a gift to the tech world." --Tina Velgos,, June 2001

"an influential O'Reilly book." --Doc Searls, Linux Journal, April 2001

"A wonderful collection of essays--well written and a delight to read--required reading for anyone who wants to join the movement." --Al Stevens, Dr Dobbs Journal, May 2001

"If you want to understand what drives the open source movement, and why it is attracting a wide support base (even amongst commercial software vendors) this is essential reading." --Major Kearny, Book News, April 2001

"Many open-source gurus recommend reading The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric S. Raymond. This book describes the emergence of open-source software in light of how dependent we've become on emerging computer technologies." --Patti Shank, Online Learning, March 2001

"While the projects discussed will have the greatest meaning for those who know programming, the lessons to be learned and social experiments to be explored have implications for everyone." --Rob Slade, Telemanagement, March 2001

"the bible of the open source movement...a classic of modern computing culture." --Netsurfer Digest, Feb 14, 2000

"It's been called "the definitive work on open source evolution" and a "landmark piece of information technology," and for once, all those gushing superlatives aren't an overstatement. Eric Raymond's The Cathedral & The Bazaar: Mus ings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental Revolutionary is a must- read for those who want to understand the ethics and rationale of the open- source and free software communities." --Michelle Delio, Wired News, February 9, 2001

"some good insights into the future of software development..." "May the Source be with you,"seems to be a fitting conclusion to this excellent manifesto." --Madanmohan Rao,, January 2001

"The Cathedral & the Bazaar is a landmark piece of IT (Information Technology) written work. All programmers, regardless of the stage they may be in their careers, should definitely read the Cathedral and the Bazaar. I would even go so far as to suggest that this compilation should be required reading at all colleges and universities to give developers in training a good eye-opener as to the breadth of the industry in which they hope to be making their careers." -- Peter MacIntyre, Written Word, May 2000

"If you are interested in a true behind-the-scenes look from one who was, and continues to be, near the center of code creation, The Cathedral & the Bazaar will make delightful fireside reading--enjoy feeling the reflected glow of very smart people who join together informally to make our world a better place. It will take me several readings to grasp the book's nuances and feel the impact." --John Nemerovski, "Book Bytes," My Mac Magazine, Feb 2000

"Essays, commentaries, and white papers from one of the most influential thinkers on the future of software coding and internet-style competition." --Polly LaBarre, Fast Company, Dec 1999

Business Book of the Year, ForeWord Magazine, May 2000

Computer Press Association's Best Nonfiction Computer Book 2000 Award

"Editor's Choice Award" --The Designer's Bookshelf, Feb 2000