Media praise for Learning Perl

"...this book really is a masterpiece. An easy to follow syntax, brilliant organization, and well thought content really give this book its edge. Overall this book gets five out of five stars from me."
--Adam Fortuno, M.U.D.slinger (Macintosh Users of Delaware Newsletter), Spring 2004

"This book was a very nice surprise. I expected to read it once and put it away on the shelf of once read never used books. But it will be a handy memory jogger, especially after periods between Perl programming. I have been reading and tweaking a few Perl routines and decided it was time for some formal study of this powerful language. So of course the best place to start was with this book. The book is organized well and reads easily, but is packed with language details...At least for now, it will stay within close reach."
--Dan Ewart, Williamsburg Macromedia User's Group, Feb 2003

"'Learning Perl' remains the best perl tutorial known to this reviewer."
--Dr. Robert J. Meier, Metro Detroit Linux User Group, March 2002

"If you want to understand Perl, this is where to start. Highly recommended."
--Major Keary, PC Update, October 2002

"The authors of the 'Learning Perl' book made it a complete introduction to Perl with a very sympathetic tone of voice. It's almost like reading a long letter of a dear friend who's trying to explain what Perl is all about."
--, May 2002

"The best book for learning Perl is called 'Learning Perl,' and it is by Randal Schwartz and Tom Phoenix."
--Dave Cross, Linux Format, May 2002

"Easily as good an introduction to Perl as the first edition."
--Keith Schengili-Roberts, Computer Paper, Feb 2002

"This is the book to measure all others against."
--Richard Mateosian, IEEE, Jan/Feb 2002

"A classic from O'Reilly, this book is the most highly recommended for beginning Perl programmers."
--Emmie Lewis, About.Com Perl/PHP Guide

Best of 2001: Customers' Picks,

"It is easy to learn just enough Perl for a particular purpose, but if you want to understand Perl, this is where
to start. Highly recommended"
--Major Keary, Book News, Sept 2001

Best of 2001 Award; Computing and Internet,

"Start here. It's the best introduction I know."
--Michael Schilli, Perl - What you need to get good at it,

"Learn it. Write it. Live it."
--Elizabeth Wall, development lead, Great Tech Books

"this is the best tutorial for experienced programmers who want to learn Perl."
--Dave Cross,

Reviews From First and Second Editions:

"Using it as your beginner's cookbook, you'll soon be concocting Perl scripts that save you time and drudgery."
--Stephan Somogyi, MacWorld

"It does more than merely introduce the reader to the language; it also does an excellent job of conveying the philosophy of Perl. More than anything else this book has given me a solid enough foundation in Perl for me to experiment on my own by writing programs that are at least personally useful, and be able to easily understand the more complicated subjects discussed in the Perl Cookbook and others."
--Josh Borroughs, Alaska Perl Mongers

"Thankfully, O'Reilly publishes many de facto programming titles to which Learning Perl can easily be added. Simple but elegant examples throughout detail this rich language...worth every penny!"

"Well thought out and well written, with a sense of humor. 'Learning Perl'is also known as 'the llama book' for the animal pictured on its cover. It is deliberately incomplete. The assumption is that after you've gotten your feet wet going through this book, you'll move on to
'Programming Perl.'"
--Martin Heller,