Media praise for Java and XSLT

"Relentlessly practical, 'Java and XSLT' is the book Java programmers waiting to leverage XML have been waiting for."
--Anna Freeman, Delivers General Computing, Nov. 14, 2001

"This book gives excellent coverage to using XSLT to generate dynamic web pages. Overall, the author has done an outstanding job of putting the two technologies (Java and XSLT) together in a way that is easy to understand. Anyone interested in using XSLT in their Java development efforts should start with this book. 9 out of 10 horseshoes"
--Thomas Paul, December 2001

"a useful addition to your desktop...O'Reilly's programming books are important tools for the developer...useful cross-over for java developers who want to come to grips with XML...regular day-to-day reference work that won't just be read once and left to sit on the book case."
--Simon Bisson, PC Plus, Jan 2002

"Very good."
--Today's Books, Jan 28, 2002

"'Java and XLST' does a first-class job."
--Steve Patient,, Dec 2001

"Eric M. Burke analyses the pros and cons of JSP versus XSLT approaches in his excellent book, 'Java and XSLT.' As you might expect from the title, he gives convincing arguments for the scalability and maintainability of the XSLT approach. Please allow me to personally recommend this book as a must-have for your technical library."
--David Wallace Croft, Croftsoft Update, Feb 2001