Media praise for MySQL Cookbook

"As a database user, developer, and maintenance consultant of many years, I found this book endlessly fascinating. I've learned a lot from it, and there's more to learn. I heartily recommend it for all who are already involved with or plan to become involved with MySQL."
--Paul DuBois, MELUG-Central, May 2004

"Paul has served up a real winner with 'MySQL Cookbook'... By the time I'd finished reading the Cookbook, I also decided that I need to accelerate my push to MySQL 4.0. The 'MySQL Cookbook' is going to be a book that stays close at hand. I'm giving it eight stars. If you're interested in working with MySQL, this book is going to provide you with many benefits."
--Pat Eyler, Linux Journal, May 2003

"Two years in the making and about a 1000 pages long, 'MySQL Cookbook' is a must-own reference book and tutorial for MySQL developers of every skill level. The book is written in the traditional O'Reilly cookbook style, which involves identifying typical problems, briefly identifying solutions, and then elaborating on the solutions. If you're looking for a complete MySQL reference book or some help to improve your skills, this book is a good choice. It's fascinating to peruse and it's still interesting when read straight through."--Russell J.T. Dyer, UnixReview, March 2003

"This has got to be one of the best technical books in print. From the very start the authors assume nothing. Need to get MySQL up and running? It's in there. Need to access the data with Perl, Python, PHP, Java, it's in there. I'm actually using this book to help me learn Perl and Python. MySQL AB should bundle this book with each license it sells."
--Kenneth Wilcox, Boise Software Developers Group, Feb 2003

"I can say that it is excellent work--meticulous, crisp writing and useful recipes.
Paul has also done a nice job of covering the various traps and oddities that people are likely (or in some cases even unlikely) to encounter."
--, Feb 2003

"'MySQL Cookbook' is a great book for anyone developing a user interface to a MySQL database."
--Brad Crockett, Big Blue and Cousins, Feb 2003

"An impressive collection of SQL query examples, which show you how to accomplish many commonly requested database tasks, The book will find a wide audience not only among professional site administrators, but also among the growing body of users who deal with this versatile database for other non-Web related data processing tasks."
--Netsurfer Digest , Nov 15, 2002

"Overall I give it 3 out of 4 can become the only book you'll ever need for MySQL."--Samir Faci, NIU Linux Users Group, May 20, 2003