Media praise for .Net Framework Essentials

"Puts your mind in .NET mode. Get this one."
--Daniel W. Maltes, .NET Best Picks, Nov 2001

"Great book to understand the Framework."
--Kuntal Choksi, My Favourite .Net books,

"Keeping with the O'Reilly tradition, an excellent resource
on the .NET framework."
-- rockyh_au, NET The Bleeding Edge VB/ASP,

".NET Framework Essentials leverages the knowledge
of working Windows programmers to put the .NET
Framework in context. Think of it as a springboard high
enough to give you an overall view of the technology and
enable you to dive in. A clear and lucid introduction to a
complex new set of technologies."
--Steve Patient,

"The authors do a good job of covering a range of topics
form the basics of .NET and the runtime environment to
web services and how .NET works with XML. This single
volume overview is superior to Microsoft Press’s recent
cluster of .NET titles"
--Chris Zeiner, Library Journal, Sept 1, 2001

"This new book from O'Reilly provides seasoned
Windows developers with a condensed overview
of Microsoft's new .NET framework... I recommend
this book for experienced programmers who want
to familiarize themselves quickly and thoroughly
with the current elements of this evolving new
development platform from Microsoft. I give this
book five stars out of five."
--Mitch Tulloch, SWYNK. com, Oct 2001

"One of the best .NET books I've read so far is
.NET Framework Essentials by Thuan Thai & Hoang Q. Lam. .NET will be a fundamental shift in how you develop software for Windows, and now is the time to start getting your head around it. Even if you haven't loaded Beta 2 yet, .NET Framework Essentials is a fine way to start getting familiar with this brave new world of computing." --Don Kiely, VBZone Book of the Week. August 21, 2001