Media praise for Perl Best Practices

"Perl Best Practices is nineteen chapters that exhaustively cover nearly every aspect of the 'style' of perl programming...Even if you disagree and ignore every one of these guidelines (you won't, or, rather if you do, you deserve whatever you get) you'll still improve your coding and Perl understanding. Great backbeat...[and] well worth it. I give it a 10."
-- Andy Bach,

"I strongly recommend that anyone writing Perl professionally should read this...Overall, a fantastic book. Well written and researched. It's the kind of book I would expect from Damian Conway and I wasn't let down. A must-read for Perl programmers."
-- Jack D. Herrington "engineer and author",

"...the author has done an excellent job of designing a book that produces Perl code that is clear, robust, efficient, maintainable, and concise. At the end of the day, the guidelines in this book, much like Perl itself, are about helping you get your job done, without getting in the way. "
-- John Vacca, "Tech Write Independent Reviewer",

"Despite its size, this book could easily be handed out to all team members after writing "Coding Standards" in permanent marker on the cover. If something is not yet habit, it is fairly easy to find, and by running your code through the recommended perltidy configuration, you will at least catch any format/layout mistakes...I am just glad that I was not tasked with researching and creating such a thorough and reasoned set of coding standards, and that all I had to do was get the book."
-- Jerry Singleton, The Edmonton Linux User Group (E.L.U.G.)

"This book is a must-have for every Perl programmer. Obviously, it is not written to teach Perl programming but to help programmers hone a programming style. It may be used by experienced users as well as newcomers to the world of Perl. In spite of covering some 'not so appealing' subjects such as indentation, positioning of brackets, or similar formal questions, the book is written in such an interesting style, that lets the reader fluently and easily follow the topic."
-- Reinhard Volgmaier, Unix Review

"Perl Best Practices is highly recommended for all Perl programmers but especially so for new ones or ones who need to set a standard for coding."
-- Harold McFarland, Midwest Book Review

"if you are a Perl programmer, and you don’t hate the rest of the (programming) world, then you need to buy this book. After reading it, you’ll never feel ashamed of sharing your source code again, and you’ll allow others to wield the real power of free software: the ability to study, understand and improve your programs."
-- Tony Mobily, Free Software Magazine

"...every Perl programmer will be able to take something away from this book, which is packed full of new ideas. It should be essential reading for anyone writing Perl in a team."
-- Tim Retout, Tim Retout's blog

"Suffice to say that Conway leaves no corner of Perl uncovered, offering well-reasoned and well-explained advice on improving your code. The book is also well-written and well-edited. The order of topics covered is a sensible one, and the book is appropriately structured. It reads and feels as if you are being given the wisdom from many a hard-won battle coding and maintaining Perl code… Once you've rushed through Larry's book and learnt the finer points with Schwartz and Phoenix's 'Learning' titles, you may well find that this is the perfect volume to complete your Perl education. If you believe your Perl education is complete, then buy this volume and I'm sure you'll find a lesson or two for yourself."
--Tony Williams (Honestpuck), Slashdot, September 2005

"This isn’t just a dead-tree perldoc perlstyle, it’s a Damianized style guide, introduction to built-ins, structural discussion, and much more. True to usual form, Damian Conway uses humor, excellent examples, and deviousness to tell me why I should apply these best practices in my development. I was amazed at the number of simple utilities and tricks in this book to help me become a better developer... Even if you really are smart enough to know everything in this book, it is an entertaining read, and how often do you really get to enjoy reading a technical book? I can tell it will be a great re-read, cover-to-cover."
--Jason Hall, The Perl Review, June 2005

"As a beginning Perl programmer, I need all the help I can get. Damian Conways' Perl Best Practices is one of the most useful resources I've yet encountered in my quest to create elegant code."
--DrPat, PaperFrigate and Blogcritics, August 2005

"Great backbeat...[and] well worth it. I give it a 10."
--Andy Bach,