Media praise for Java and SOAP

"Exceptional."--Today's Books, Jan 27, 2003

"'Java and Soap' doesn't just look at the type of message documents, but shows exactly how those documents are practically used as they're being generated by the different APIs. Understand anything in those last two sentences? Yes? You need this book.", October 2002

"O'Reilly's 'Java and SOAP' (Simple Object Access Protocol) book should be the absolute starting point for every developer who is considering to build a Web Service in Java. The author Robert Englander managed to provide an in-depth look at SOAP. Robert Englanders goal is not to cover all aspects of SOAP itself but instead to give a good understanding of all the major aspects of SOAP. Simple Object Access Protocol is the means for the communication between the objects and their respective systems. In my opinion the book was very well written and it was also highly interesting. The text was fluent and not boring and I think that this book should be read by everyone who wants to start writing Web Services in Java using SOAP."
--Bruno De Maesschalck, Zeus Werkgroep Informatica, Nov 2002

"If you are a Java developer and are wondering what all the hype is about surrounding web services and SOAP, you owe it to yourself to get this book...This book was very valuable to me as I was working on a project involving web services. I was writing Java code on a platform that would allow for a user to enter a command and get information back from the server. The concept of web services was intriguing as it opened up a large set of possibilities for features I could implement. By using the information in this book, I was able to quickly get up to speed with a functional example that worked. I was then able to fill in gaps in my knowledge and expand my examples to connect with additional sources of data. Without the information in this book, it would have taken me a whole lot longer to figure it all out...If you're ready to branch out into the world of web services and want to write and/or use one, you should seriously consider getting this book. If you work through the examples and material, I am confident that you will end up being very successful in getting results in a short time frame."
--Thomas Duff, Portland Domino/Notes User Group, August 2002

"If you're a Java developer who would like to start working with SOAP, this is the book you need to get going."
-- July 2002