Media praise for Learning Oracle PL/SQL

"I've been a self taught Oracle PL/SQL developer for two years, so I was skeptical on reading a 'Learning' book. After reading the first few chapters I was able to make improvements to my PL/SQL programs. It was definitely worth the time and money. The examples are well written and simple enough to make sense, but not too simple that they are 'duh' type examples. I also liked the fact that the book explains how to set up and use Oracle/Apache to make PSP pages (Stored Procedures that generate web content). The PSP section makes up a good portion of the book that I didn't know was in it before I got it. With plenty of real-world experience tips, a section on tools and security, it will be a while before I have this ingrained and used on a daily basis. I defiantly got more than I was looking for."
--Kenneth Wilcox, Boise Software Developers Group, Dec 2002

"This is the first PL/SQL book written expressly for beginners. This has been a clear gap in the literature and this effort effectively plugs the hole. The book is clear and easy enough for novice PL/SQL programmers, and a very pleasant read even for more advanced IT professionals. It covers topics in enough depth that you will learn quite a lot even if you have been writing PL/SQL code for many years...No doubt that reading this book and applying its principles will make the reader a better PL/SQL programmer."
--Ileana Balcu, New York Oracle Users Group, March 2002

"'Learning Oracle PL/SQL' is one of the best books I have read on learning this subject. This book has a little for everyone: you'll learn something if you know the basics of SQL, but have never really done anything with it. You'll also learn something if you've had a lot of experience with Microsoft SQLServer (and T-SQL), but are looking to transition you knowledge to Oracle PL/SQL."--Salt Lake City ColdFusion User Group, March 2002

"As someone who knows C, Perl, and Java, I found this to be a great starter book in PL/SQL. It gave me the core knowledgeI needed for a jump-start into PL/SQL programming. This is a great book for anybody wanting to learn PL/SQL programming for Oracle!"--Bill Phillips, System Engineer, Diverse Networks

"As a project manager for an IT consulting firm, I needed to go beyond basic SQL and leverage the efficiency and versatility of PL/SQL. After searching in vain for an introduction to PL/SQL that required no prior programming experience, I've finally found a book that is truly for the beginner. This book provides thorough explanations of the sample code in plain English, written so that I can understand why the programs work. It's the next best thing to sitting down with someone for a private tutorial."--Corrie Nettles, former consultant at Baker Robbins & Co., and Oracle Certified Professional in database administration