Media praise for 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide

"If you are expecting someone to teach you the inner working of a wireless network, the book will surely fulfill your expectations...Despite providing a wealth of extensive in-depth technical pieces of information...the book is very easy to read. I was impressed with the magnitude of theory the author provided on the core of wireless networking and the way he interconnected it with actual workings of a wireless network...Although more than half of the topics covered inside the publication are directly targeted towards advanced users, the book should be a pre-requisite for anyone wanting to seriously enter the 'wireless waters.' You cannot miss with any of O'Reilly's books on wireless networks and this one surely isn't an exception."
--Berislav Kucan,, September 2004

"Having put in a wireless network last year, I was happy to see O'Reilly come out with a book about wireless networks...There is some really great material here...Mr. Gist's book is that rare technical book that succeeds on two levels. For those of us that want to understand why things are the way they are, there's a very detailed section on the technical stuff that makes it work. For those that want to make it work or make it work better, there's the second half of the book. All in all, Mr. Gast is to be congratulated for putting to together a book that scores on both levels."
--Gary Smith, Dallas/Fort Worth UNIX Users Group, September 2003

"The book is written so that the administrator who needs to get a wireless network up and running can do so quickly...I found the text to be well written, logically laid out and a good technical read."
--Jim Huddle,

"...gets down into the technical nitty-gritty of 802.11 wireless networks. I've been using just the Chapters on 802.11 MAC and Framing so far and have found each answer that I went looking for. This one will be on my desk (not bookshelf) for awhile!"
--Tim Higgins, Smallnetbuilder,com, February 2003

"The Best of 2002: Staff Favorites, Engineering Books"
--Barnes &

"In recent years, an Ethernet-based wireless protocol named 802.11 has become a viable, robust, and proven answer to all these challenges. '802.11 Networks: The Definitive Guide,' by Matthew S. Gast, covers this protocol from the inside out and discusses other issues related to wireless networks...'802.11 Networks: The Definitive Guide' excels in its authoritative, detailed, and realistic approach to wireless technology, and 802.11 in particular. Not many books on wireless networks offer the level of accuracy and practical approach as does this book. Undoubtedly, it can be heartily recommended to 802.11 users and system administrators."
--Danny Kalev, IBM developerworks, September 2002

"This book will prove to be very useful to the system administrator that will be deploying wireless networks. It gives good background on the protocol and also some tips in how to set up things. It has really good value for the money."
--Wireless, October 2002

"If you want to know more about the inner workings of wireless networks, I recommend the book '802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide' by Matthew S. Gast (published by O'Reilly & Associates). Though it may be too technical for some, the book offers plenty of information for those looking to lockdown their wireless nets."
--Robert Vamosi, AnchorDesk, September 2002

"If you want to deploy an 802.11 on a large scale, then you probably want this book as a definitive reference. If you are a casual user who just wants it to work, you probably want to just borrow this from your local wireless guru."
--Brian D. Foy, The Perl Review, May 2002

"Gast's epic compendium is everything a system or network administrator could hope to find on the subject, including 'an extensive discussion of wireless security issues, including the problems with the WEP standard and a look at the 802.1x security standard.' Gast has produced something of an encyclopedia that more advanced users will readily access often for reference and insight."
--North Bay Multimedia Association, August 2002

"'802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide' lives up to its title and provides virtually everything you could need to know about 802.11 networks?Anyone who has looked at network standards can attest to how boring they are to read. However, Gast does a wonderful job writing about wireless Ethernet in a way that is not only 'not boring,' but actually interesting. This is due to his expertise with the subject matter and the many real-world scenarios that he shares...Overall, '802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide' is an excellent guide for any network administrator or architect who needs to understand the ins and outs of 802.11 networking. It has all the necessary information for design and deployment of wireless networks in an easy to read and enjoyable style."
--Ben Rothke,, July 2002

"First, educate yourself. The best place to start is Matthew Gast's '802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide.' Digest what Gast has to say and you'll be far ahead of the power curve."
--Joel Snyder, Network World, August 2002

"This is just the book I wished for while thumping my forehead against the wall trying to inject the same material directly from the IEEE 802.11 docs. Thank you, Mr. Gast, for saving my house while giving me a better understanding of low level 802.11...Gast nimbly leads the reader through the 802.11 minefield, making the complicated concepts understandable; no easy task in a world where time units of kilo-micro seconds reign. (Only 802.11 could mangle the metric system so mercilessly.) Definitely worth the read if you are doing any wireless Ethernet work. This is the best 802.11 reference I've seen."
--Monta Elkins, Linux Journal, May 2002

"The most comprehensive text is '802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide' from O'Reilly...this is both a theoretical and practical text that is sure to live up to its claim of being the definitive guide."
--Major Keary, Book News 2002 No. 10

"The first six chapters are invaluable reading for any sysadmin who is planning (or already responsible) for an 802.11 deployment. This is your ammunition when users come and ask why the wireless network is slower than the wired network with fewer users (preventing contention adds more overhead in wireless) or why they really really should tunnel every wireless connection over SSH (because WEP is fundamentally flawed)...a very practical section about physical installation that clearly illustrates the author's mastery of integrating 802.11 technologies into an existing infrastructure. If you're a sysadmin and implementing 802.11 technologies is on the horizon, this book is a solid reference of the current state of 802.11 solutions, both good and bad. It pulls no punches in presenting issues and weaknesses with the current solutions, and documents forthcoming standards that are being proposed or developed to address them. Rating 9/10."
--Craig Pfeifer,, July 2002