Media praise for Ant: The Definitive Guide

"This book is exactly what O'Reilly & Associates does best. Ant, a modular XML-based replacement for Make, is quickly becoming the standard way to build Java programs. Tilly and Burke describe how it works, how to drive it, and how to extend its functionality with Java plug-ins. Most of the details are in Ant's online documentation, but their explanations are definitely worth the price of the book. Oh, and their code fot is nice and readable, too."
--Gregory V. Wilson, "Dr. Dobb's Journal," June 2003

"a great book."--Don Denoncourt, Iseries News, Dec 2002

"A clear, example-driven exploration of the tools at hand...Tilly and Burke do a good job capturing the spirit of the tool. Their book follows O'Reilly's time-tested and market-proven simple-examples technique to illustrate how to use Ant for your projects. The chapters in the first half of the book outline how to use and extend Ant for your project. The strength of the book may be the way the authors casually include practical advice about the bugs and idiosyncracies of the tool."
--Peter Wayner, slashdot,org, June 14, 2002