Media praise for Apache Cookbook

"The Apache Cookbook covers almost all aspects and all parts of the learning curve for Apache...I've gone over several of the recipes and their excellent explanatory text to shed some light on previously dark corners of Apache, particularly as the authors cover both Apache 1.3 and 2.0."
Rating: 8/10
--Tony Williams, Slashdot, January 2004

"If you use Apache, and aren't an Apache guru, or even if you are, this book is a must-have. I know I won't be parting with my copy any time soon. This book gets the maximum 5/5 bigrins"
--Dave Crouse, USA Linux Users Group, March 2004

"An excellent quick-start, launch-pad-style guide for performing a plethora of common Apache administrative tasks... As an Apache admin myself, I anticipate consulting its pages on a regular basis in the foreseeable future. Overall Rating: 8/10"
--The Brain Shed, February 2004

"'Apache Cookbook' is clearly written. Material that I found particularly well written are the Troubleshooting section (which was put in Appendix B instead of receiving a chapter of its own, for some reason) and Chapter 11, 'Performance.' Both brought together in one place some advice I'd seen in various locations and some tips I didn't know. Other people may particularly appreciate Chapter 5, 'Aliases, Redirecting, and Rewriting,' which has 18 recipes for mangling and massaging URLs into shape, and Chapter 6, 'Security,' which has 28 recipes...On the whole, the Apache Cookbook is a good addition to the Apache administrator or programmer's library."
--Linux Journal, January 2004

"'Apache Cookbook' is a 'must-have' instructional reference for anyone charged with the responsibility of setting up or maintaining an Apache-based web server."
--"The Bookwatch," January 2004