Media praise for Java and XML

"Excellent book for Java programmers who need to understand how to handle XML."
--Ken North, Dr Dobbs

"Was I impressed with this book? Indeed I was! The content is both timely and accurate, the reading is easy and enjoyable--a very rare achievement."
--Java Desk, Israel, Nov 2001

"In short, if you are a Java programmer that needs to know how to implement XML in Java, then you should have this book."
--vulinhnguyen, Java and Web developer, Enterprise Java Books List,

"Best book about Java and XML"
--Naser Rezai, Great Java collection,

"Interesting information on using XML with Java, including JDOM which was created by the author."
--Randy Tamura, Domino Web Development,

"A fine introduction into both tools with enough meat to make developers happy."
--Jeffery L. Weeden, Information Architecture and Usability,

Best of 2001 Award; Computing and Internet,

"Practical, informative and well-written, this book is ideal for professionals who are either working with Java and XML, or considering doing so."
--Tim Anderson,

"definitely recommended"

"One of the bibles of the XML developer has to be Brett McLaughlin's 'Java and XML.'"
--Simon Bisson, PC Plus, Jan 2002

"If you are a Java developer and you are going to be working with XML then this book is required reading. The coverage of the Java/XML APIs is excellent. 9 out of 10 horseshoes"
--Thomas Paul,, Jan 2002

"Good book on Java and XML. Well written, covers lots of things and usecases for XML. The author is one of the authors of JDOM and has excellent XML knowledge."
--Stephan Schmidt,

"This book contains an enormous wealth of information about Java's tying with the essentials of XML...One book that your Java programming bookcase should not be without!"
--Columbia Java User Group