Media praise for Programming Jabber

"'Programming Jabber' is a resource that Jabber programmers won't want to be without."
--Paul Barry, "Linux Journal," May 2003

"'Programming Jabber' is written for the programmers who will develop novel functionality based on Jabber. The book's clear explanations of underlying principles fit it well for that role. The examples are a particular strength in illustrating that Jabber can and should transport messages between computer processes as well as between humans...Working developers who use a variety of languages and who have a broader interest than just IM should start their projects with careful study of 'Programming Jabber.'"
--Cameron Laird,, June 3, 2003

"There is some good documentation on the web site, but you'll find O'Reilly's 'Programming Jabber' even more useful."
--Simon Bisson, Application Development Advisor, December 2002

"This book covers everything relevant to Jabber technology, from lowest level inner workings and extensibility examples for developers to configuration and deployment for admins. Most of the book is spent looking directly at the Jabber XML protocol, instead of a specific API implementation. This way, the book covers the technology and doesn't get lost in how one particular API models the protocol. If you want to implement an inside-the-firewall IM solution for your company/ group/tribe or investigate integrating event notification into an application, this is a great starting point. If you're just curious about Jabber and want to know how it works, then this will give you enough information to get you hooked."--Craig Pfeifer,

"Quite simply, Programming Jabber rocks! When reviewing the book, I often found myself reading along, having a good time and getting excited about Jabber instead of looking to see if something was wrong or missing." --Jeremie Miller, Founder and Lead Developer of Jabber