Media praise for Perl and XML

"If you're interested in getting XML into Perl, or just in how to use XML, this is a book you need to check out...This book is an excellent example that those other books should look at. 'Perl & XML' is a no-nonsense, straight-forward tutorial on integrating these tools."--Jayce, PLUG, June 2002

"One might think that the marriage of Perl and XML would be total bliss, and the two languages would live happily ever after. In reality, however, the marriage has been far from perfect, and has produced an enormous number of kids: some uglier, some prettier, some simpler, some more sophisticated. 'Perl & XML' is a good attempt to provide an overview of XML processing techniques existing nowadays in the Perl world."
--Alexander Moskalyuk,, August 20, 2002

"The book is a valuable addition to a Perl programmer's library."
--, May 2002