Media praise for Programming Web Services with Perl

"If you are a Perl programmer and have an interest in, or need to learn about, programming web services, this is probably the best single text to use...The book's sub-title is "Practical solutions for rapid web service deployment"; that is a fair description of this well-written text."
--Major Keary, Book News, March 2004

"A well balanced practical guide to applying XML-RPC and SOAP to solve problems."
--ggoebel,, April 2003

"Let there be no suspense: my advice is that, if you're programming Web services, you should have a copy of 'Programming Web Services with Perl' on your desk...In principle, you can learn everything you need to know about Web services from official standards, vendor documentation, and mailing-list help. Save yourself a lot of wasted motion and false starts, though: get 'Programming Web Services with Perl.'"
--Cameron Laird,, May 2003