Media praise for Perl for Oracle DBAs

"Throughout the book you'll find a lot of geeky humor, which makes the book fun to read, and sure to pull a smile from you from time to time...Overall there are some real gems in this book. As I mentioned earlier, the appendices make for a fantastic introduction to Perl, regular expressions, and the DBI modules (specific to Oracle), as well as a great place to refresh your knowledge if you've already used Perl. There are a lot of very nice tools out there that open up a world of possibilities when you marry Perl and Oracle. This book serves as a well-executed guide for that journey."
--Dan Hanks, Provo Linux Users Group, July 2003

"Any tools that help the skilled and often demanding work of an Oracle DBA are to be welcomed -- and this book is full of them.It describes not only many powerful utilities, but also the Open Source components from which they're built. This empowers Oracle DBAs to customize and develop solutions for their unique requirements."
--Tim Bunce, Author of the Perl DBI

"A wonderful book! Real-world problems that every DBA has struggled with,solved using a practical step-by-step approach, plus a pinch of humor :). DBAs will find the toolkit and utilities extremely valuable; they might even find that they write a few lines of Perl themselves."
--Andrew Carr, Director, Developer Evangelism, Oracle Corporation