Media praise for Managing & Using MySQL

"...clearly and succinctly written, and provides an excellent introduction to MySQL...If what you want to do is get a small database up and running in a minimum of time with a minimum of hassle, this is the book for you."
-- Mark, Dl51

"In this 425 page book O'Reilly has produced another winner."
--Paul Scott, The Journal of the Tuscon Computer Society, Feb 2003

"This is the book you'll want if you're faced with an implementation project and don't know where to start. The introductory chapters are an excellent tutorial on the open-sourced MySQL structural methods and query capabilities. Even if you've never worked with databases before, this is a clear-headed, non-hysterical approach that doesn't even require programming experience. And, if you're a well-heeled code geek, you won't feel left out. By the time you're into aspects of administration, directory, and replication servers, you'll feel like you're at home."--BookBytes, March 3, 2003

"What is particularly refreshing about MU's coverage is that even items which are not specifically about MySQL get a fair shake. For example, the chapter covering the use of PHP with MySQL provides a wonderfully clear and concise explanation on some key aspects such as security and sessions. If you are looking to embrace MySQL, it's worth considering 'Managing and Using MySQL.'"
--Paul Schneider, Compunotes

"'Managing & Using MySQL' is an ideal book for beginner MySQL users and developers. The author does a good job of getting the concepts across on a basic and beginner level. With chapters on installation and initial set up, author George Reese takes the reader from square one into the sometimes-scary world of SQL programming...To have your data being served securely and quickly is the best of both worlds, and this book certainly helps show the MySQL developer how to accomplish both...'Managing & Using MySQL' is the book of choice for the new user of this open source database tool. Also, it is valuable to the intermediate DBA who may have taken over some MySQL databases in helping them tune the product and make it secure. This book should be on the shelf as a resource for anyone who needs general MySQL knowledge."
--Peter MacIntyre, eweek, Feb 6, 2003

"To get up to speed, I recommend starting, as ever, with the manuals from O'Reilly & Associates (specifically, 'Managing and Using MySQL' and 'MySQL Reference Manual'). You may be surprised by the richness of what you find."
--Andrew Binstock, Software Development Times, Nov 2002

"An excellent introduction and desktop reference for MySQL. Coming from the world of commercial relational database software, this book really opened my eyes to the power--sheer speed--available from MySQL. I plan to put it to use immediately!...MySQL definitely has my attention now, after reading this excellent book from O'Reilly & Associates...I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about database development or thinking of moving from commercial relational databases to open source software. With open source development growing there will be more and more demand for open source relational databases. I for one plan to utilize MySQL in my next web development project!"--Steve Mitchell,, August 17, 2002

"The authors presented enough information that I was able to write programs that interfaced with MySQL in less than 10 minutes...Overall, the authors have an excellent introduction to SQL databases and MySQL. Full examples are included for each topic, with full explanations...the only thing you need to make a usable database. Rating 9/10."
--Geekboy, slashdot.,org, July 2, 2002

"If you could have only one MySQL manual, this might be a good choice. The information is very practical and well presented, and the examples are reasonably easy to follow."
--Roger Walker, The Edmonton Linux User Group, April 8, 2003