Media praise for Postfix: The Definitive Guide

"'Postfix: The Definitive Guide' is a beautifully written book about a beautifully designed program. Kyle Dent's writing is precise and concise without being too dense to read...In summary, I like this book a lot. I am tempted to buy anything else Dent writes, sight unseen...I intend to keep this book within reach and to use Postfix on any system I administer."
--Jeffrey Taylor, Linux Journal, June 2004

"'Postfix: The Definitive Guide' is the best reference for all Postfix administrators, whatever flavor of Unix they use:
-Its accuracy is high. Postfix creator Wietse Venema reviewed the book carefully and to good effect;
-The prose is clear and thoughtful; and
-It explains the most important Postfix concepts and procedures.
For now and perhaps through at least the end of 2004, though, it's the book every Postfix administrator should have by his or her side."
--Cameron Laird, Unix Review, June 2004

"['Postfix: The Definitive Guide'] is a well-written and well-constructed guide to mail systems in general and Postfix in particular...This is an excellent book, Dent has explained the underlying methodology and use of Postfix well, taken the reader through all aspects of this MTA system and explained both the why and the how. I would recommend this book (and, as a result Postfix) to anyone looking for an MTA and a guide to configuring and running it."
--Tony Williams,, February 2004

"I found that the way the chapters were written made it easy to find what I was looking for and that I could understand the material with very little effort. Unlike a lot of technical manuals there wasn't a lot of unnecessary redundancy between chapters (a personal pet peeve). It seemed the author was conscious of getting pertinent information into each chapter. It doesn't get better than getting both the why and how when looking at a given subject...I would rank rhis book as essential if you are going to work with Postfix. It is well-written, clear, concise, and almost jargon free as I mentioned earlier. Where the author is compelled to use jargon he makes the effort of explaining the language in simple terms. After you have read this book, not only will you have a good understanding of Postfix, you will also have a better understanding of email in general. I give this book 5 W's out of 5."
--Daniel Christle, WindoWatch, March 2004

"It is a tribute to the growing popularity of the Postfix mailserver that three new books about the program are slated to be published this quarter. This is the first to arrive, a typically comprehensive O'Reilly effort...The book is not aimed at beginners and consequently does not waste pages on obvious things any sysadmin already knows. In other words, there's no padding here..."
--Netsurfer Digest, January 2004

" is a polished and flowing read, with information provided in a compact, yet easy-to-follow format. As with many books about software, the software changes over time and the book doesn't, but this book was written in such a way that most of the information presented is still relevant to the near-future. The book was published in December 2003, and is still almost 100% correct and relevant, which is no easy task, considering the speed of development of Postfix. The text is fast-paced, yet it doesn't leave anyone behind. Everything is covered sufficiently that the average system administrator should be able to migrate to Postfix, or begin a new life as a mail server administrator, having read this book. This book is, without doubt, one of the few books worthy of the highest possible review score. This book receives an honoured SFDC rating of 10/10."
--Andrew J. Bennieston,, May 2005