Media praise for Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason

"Not only is this book a great introduction to Mason, but it is an excellent reference guide. Since first picking up the book I have read it twice more cover to cover. I honestly can't find any fault with 'Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason'...I would definitely recommend this book if you are interested in learning and using Mason...The API is covered very well, and the samples will get you headed in the right direction."
--James Lance, Provo Linux Users Group, April 2004

"Good for both instructing beginners and as a reference for more experienced web designers. Linux Format Rating: 8 out of 10."
--Dave Cross, "Linux Format," April 2003

"O'Reilly's 'Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason' provides an excellent introduction as well as an in-depth guide to this powerful tool. O'Reiily could just have well called this book, "Mason, the Definitive Guide." It's great for beginners and experienced users alike. I would recommend it to anyone who uses or is interested in learning about Mason. Overall Rating: 9/10."
--Daniel C. Hanks, The Brainshed, March 26, 2003

"If you're looking to get started with Mason, look no farther."
--Kansas City Perl Mongers, April 2003