Media praise for Enterprise JavaBeans

" authoritative and thoughtful guide to EJB. His examples are clear and...very practical. His prose is informative and clear without being too simplistic for more experienced developers. The book excels by peeking beneath the covers and explaining some of the stranger 'features' of EJB while raising very valid concerns about the current inadequacies of EJB 2.0 [such as the almost useless EJB QL]. By raising such issues in a very well known book, hopefully EJB will take notice and be improved. All in all, this is the first book to look at when grokking EJB."--GameJUG, Feb 2003

"'Enterprise JavaBeans' is a thorough, easy-to-read, and well-thought-out book, extremely useful to beginners and grizzled veterans alike...Monson-Haefel knows his stuff, and it comes through in his book...'Enterprise JavaBeans' is the most thorough introduction to the EJB technology available and deserves the awards it has received. If you're just getting started with EJB or need a reference to the new version of the specification, give this title a long look."
--Lamont Adams,, March 6, 2002

"This is a must-have book if you want an introduction to EJBs, are migrating from EJB 1.1 to 2.0, or want to build a new application using EJBs...this is one of the best sources of information on EJBs I have found."
--Ajit Sagar, Java Developers Journal, May 2002

"This is a solid book.Richard Monson-Haefel has a strong grasp of EJB and has very succinct explanations. There are still some errors in the source codes provided, but nothing that won't be noticed by an experienced reader. This is not a book for someone who is unfamiliar with EJB. All in all this book is a definite asset to anyone wanting to master EJB."
--Mike London, Change Management, Nov 2001

Reviews From Previous Edition:

"an excellent introduction to the subject of EB."
--Reuven M. Lerner, Linux Magazine, Jan. 2001

"Excellent! An essential book on this topic. This book has earned a valued place on my reference shelf. One word can describe this book, WOW! Being just vaguely familiar with the EJB specification, I was looking for a good introduction with some decent examples. This book has provided both. Monson-Haefel has done an excellent job with this book. He provides clear and precise examples with an added bonus, each chapter and example builds upon itself."
--Columbia Java Users Group

"All in all this book is a definite asset to anyone wanting to master EJB."
--Mike London, Change Management, Jan 2001

"Monson-Haefel has once again included the fundamentals,
along with the latest evolving concepts in the Enterprise
JavaBean specification, in an informative and helpful reference text on the subject?This text is a well written and informative reference text for the enterprise software developer as well as the Java programmer who is new to the subject of EJBs."
--Roger Dorsey, New York Oracle Users Group, Jan 2001

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"The book from which I learned EJB"
--lovegokou, Software Engineer, My Java Bookshelf,

"A good book for getting started as well as reference for Server side components."
--Panduranga P. Manuru, My Favourite Programming books,

"Absolute must-have if you are writing EJB's."
--Junaid Bhatra, 12 Essential Java Books,

"The best Enterprise JavaBeans book (so far)."
--Russ-T, Excellent Java books List,

"You must have it."
--Naser Rezai, Great Java collection,