Media praise for Practical mod_perl

"The book is not simply a manual covering mod_perl as a tool, but goes beyond that; it addresses many aspects of web site development and maintenance. Example code is used liberally to support the text, which is written in a conversational style rather than terse-tutorial or stiff-academic. The informality--which does not extend to jolly asides, or dumbed-down explanations--makes for easy reading without compromising the book's technical integrity."
--Major Keary, Book News, March 2004

"Thorough, that's the best way to describe it. An excellent book giving more answers than you could think to ask. Rating: 9/10"
--Provo Linux Users Group, March 2004

"Like many open source projects, mod_perl is poorly documented, and much of the information in this book is not available anywhere else. 'Practical mod_perl' also claims to be the first book to cover mod_perl 2.0, which is still in beta and whose API continues to evolve. This information alone makes the book valuable, as mod_perl 2.0 is essentially undocumented...The authors faced a difficult balancing act, and in the end, I’m glad that they erred on the side of too much information. It's worth reading the book front-to-back, skimming through some of the less useful parts, because the accumulated knowledge in the book is broad, and you may find tips where you least expect it. For instance, prior to reading this book, I did not know that mod_perl could be used to configure Apache, a technique that I now plan to use on some of my projects."
--Eugene Eric Kim, The Perl Journal, October 2003