Media praise for Dreamweaver in a Nutshell

"Jam packed with tables, codes, lists and all kind of tips. I'd recommend this book for the intermediate to advanced user that wants to go beyond the intermediate level of using Dreamweaver."--Joyce J. Evans, November 2002

"This is by far, the best book I've read on Dreamweaver! There is really so many great things to say about this book, I don't know where to begin..This particular book is great at providing everything you want or need to know about Dreamweaver, including great features, tips and tricks if you are an intermediate to advanced user. You also need to have familiarity with some code to benefit from its explanations. If you have trouble using some Dreamweaver features, read this book! To benefit most from this book, you must read it like a novel, page by page, from front to back. Find your favorite sitting place and read it for pleasure. It's well written, concise, and easy to understand. This book should be called, 'Everything You Need to Know about Dreamweaver'; I wouldn't have passed the Macromedia Dreamweaver Certification Exam and received my MMCP (Macromedia Certified Professional) status without it."
--Elaine Chou, Williamsburg Macromedia User Group, August 2002

"Heather Williamson and Bruce Epstein have written a very thorough and comprehensive book...Williamson and Epstein bring the reader step by step through the process of setting up and maintaining a site with Dreamweaver. They accomplish this with a combination of logical instructions supplemented by screenshots to paint a clear picture of the procedures. For web programmers, the book introduces Dreamweaver's code library and validation features. It also shows you tips, tricks, and time-savers you can use to design or keep your content up to date, either page-by-page or on a site-wide scale...Before I read it, I considered myself to be an advanced user of Dreamweaver; when I started reading, however, I soon realized that I rarely tapped into the full power of Dreamweaver. There are so many features in the program that the book revealed to me for the first time...This book is a must have for any conscientious web publisher."
--Elvis Tam,

"If you intend to use Dreamweaver professionally, you will find this book is truly a 'must', and I don't mean that lightly. I cannot imagine a professional working without this book."
--Brian Foley, Newsbreak, Oneonta MUG, May 2002

"An essential reference for users who know what they want to do and need a reference that delivers specific details about how the task is executed. There are many books about Dreamweaver; this ranks as one of the most important resources, Even the most experienced Web developer will find new insights into the workings of Dreamweaver."
--Major Keary, PC Update, March 2002

"This book is an excellent aid to your existing knowledge of Dreamweaver--'Dreamweaver in a Nutshell' takes the information for each topic and distills it into a clear and concise presentation that you'll be able to digest and utilize quickly--the book is jam packed with tables, codes, lists and all kind of tips. I'd recommend this book for the intermediate to advanced user that wants to go beyond the intermediate level of using Dreamweaver."
--Joyce J. Evans, March 2002

"We've grown to respect O'Reilly's Nutshell series of books for their in-depth yet accessible nature, and for their cool animal covers. [This book] covers the basics well, but doesn't shirk more advanced subjects either...If you're looking for a reference guide that won't weigh the equivalent of ten house bricks, this is well work purchasing."
--Cre@teonline, March 2002

--Practical Internet Feb 2002

"The book has everything that we've come to expect from O'Reilly's Web design books: thoroughly clear with step-by-step instructions accompanied with appropriate examples and screenshots. Those already using Dreamweaver can count on the book to push their knowledge and skills beyond its basic features and make the most out of this powerful application."
--Meryl K. Evans,, Feb 2002

"Want a Dreamweaver reference that cuts to the chase, and doesn't sidetrack you with beginner's stuff? Here you are: Dreamweaver in a Nutshell. This book is the Dreamweaver productivity guide--Dreamweaver in a Nutshell is chock-full of charts and tables. Mail link attributes. Image options. Flash button properties. Form validation options. Timeline commands. Regular expressions built into Dreamweaver's powerful find and replace tools. If there's a faster, better way to get the job done with Dreamweaver, odds are you'll find it here."
--Bill Camarda,, Jan 2002

"This is a well-organized reference covering all Dreamweaver features in a clear and concise manner. This book is useful for new users to bring them up to speed and for experienced users to give them new insights into Dreamweaver's most advanced features."
--Action, Jan 2002

"'Dreamweaver in a Nutshell' provides a concise, accurate handbook for Macromedia's market-leading Web authoring tool...shorter than many Dreamweaver titles, this Nutshell title seems to convey just as much information. It makes an excellent resource for any Dreamweaver user."
--Tim Anderson,, Jan 2002

"This well-organized reference covers all Dreamweaver features in a clear and concise manner. It will bring new users up to speed quickly and give power users new insights into Dreamweaver's most advanced features. This book is a must for all Dreamweaver users."
--Jay London, Dreamweaver Engineering Manager, Macromedia

"Accessible and to the point, Dreamweaver in a Nutshell is an indispensable reference and offers new insight into the tools you thought you knew. If you use Dreamweaver, this is the one book you should keep close at hand."
--Simon Allardice, Dreamweaver and UltraDev Instructor,

"Following the great tradition of the Nutshell series, Heather and Bruce have done an impressive job. The book offers detailed coverage of every Dreamweaver feature for novices, and it also acts as handy reference for even the most advanced users."
--Massimo Foti, Dreamweaver and UltraDev Developer,

"You rarely can go wrong with an O'Reilly book. This time they made the ultimate quick reference for Dreamweaver. It's also an excellent book for the Dreamweaver Certification exam."
--Massimo Foti, massimocorner, Jan 2002