Media praise for Using Samba

"I'd strongly recommend O'Reilly's 'Using Samba'...Not only is this one of the most authoritative books on Samba, it's also one of the most current, with coverage of Samba 2.2 and the upcoming 3.0."
--Dr. Chris Brown, Linux Format, September 2003

"If you're an existing Samba v2 administrator, 'Using Samba 2nd Edition' is a great resource to help you upgrade and take advantage of the expanded capabilities in v2.2. If you're a Windows admin looking to cut costs without having to retrain your users, the book is invaluable. There's even a section on configuring Samba on a Mac OS X Server box. Recommended."
--Jim Huddle,, September 2003

"An invaluabe and thorough reference to the Samba system."
--Mark Gibbs, "Network World," August 11, 2003

"Do you need to network several Unix/Linux computers together to share files and printing services? Or, even more likely, integrate Linux and Windows machines on the same network? If so, this book may be the best (and only) resource you need. It is a very complete reference on all aspects of the Samba client/server software, including acquiring, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting...Whether you are a professional network administrator or a casual home user, this book should be the only guide you need to succeed with Samba networking."
--By Dan Clough, Pensacola Linux User's Group, July 2003

"The authors cover in considerable detail installation and configuration, security issues, and compatibility issues. It is not for novices, but is a professional-level text on matters that concern administrators and others who require a solution to the integration of Unix/Linux/Mac OS X systems with MS Windows."
--Major Keary, "PC Update," May 2003

Reviews from the first edition

"All in all, this is the book Samba users have been waiting for. It's also perfect for Windows users looking to install a cheap, robust, Linux server." --Steve Patient,

"This book is full of information for anyone wishing to use Samba as a file or print sharing mechanism. Invaluable as a technical resource for Samba, the book also gives great insight for novices into beginning networks and how they work together." --Wes Ritchey, The Internet Eye, Feb 2001

"Brilliant." --Richard Ibbotson, Sheffield Linux User's Group, Feb 2001

'Using Samba' is "a wonderful book, but I've come to expect that from O'Reilly." --Tom Boyer, DGFocus, July 2000

"A comprehensive guide to Samba administration whether you're playing on one note or a full three-octave range, this book will help you maintain an efficient and secure server." --Linux Central, March 2000