Media praise for Java Data Objects

"Java Data Objects is simple and straightforward, and solves a real problem in an elegant way. Conveniently, this also serves as a description of this enjoyable book from some of the key JDO specification team members...All in all, an excellent tutorial and reference that will have you up and running with JDO in no time."
--Ernest Friedman-Hill,, January 2004

"I would consider 'Java Data Objects' the definitive book on JDO. Anyone that is interested in JDO shouldn't miss this book."
--Chris Matthews,, May 2003

"This book ... offers an authoritative and clear introduction to the subject. The opening chapter alone is worth the price of admission - it builds a small application that effectively walks through the use of a wide range of JDO capabilities. It's an exemplary piece of technical writing: clear, well-written, intelligent and immediately useful."
--Pan Pantziarka, TechBookReport