Media praise for Java & XML Data Binding

"If you're looking for a good book on Java and XML binding, check out 'Java & XML Data Binding' by Brent McLaughlin (O'Reilly). It has useful insights on JAXB, Castor, and other alternatives for generating Java objects from XML."
--Ajit Sager, Java Developers Journal, Feb 2003

"Brett McLaughlin has been writing Java books for a while and he has a good, clear way of writing that makes very clear the potential pitfalls in a subject that is critical to the future of Java/XML. Data binding was another buzz word to me until I picked up this book and took a good read and was converted to a simpler, cleaner approach to XML...this book is a good choice for the developer who has a need for XML but really doesn't want to write reams of Java/DOM code that all looks almost identical. XML binding is a very cool new technology and 'Java & XML Data Binding' gives a solid introduction without going into needless detail. Good for those in need of a quick implementation guide with some solid reviews of existing frameworks."
--GameJug, Feb 2003

"Welcome to Data Binding. Not sure where to go? Just pick up 'Java & XML Data Binding' by Brett McLaughlin. He'll show you where to go. Not that it's too difficult to find your way, as using Data Binding is easy. But Brett not only makes it easier, he also demonstrates the best practices, the package limitations, and how-to's on the other packages that either pre-date JAXB or extend it, past its limitations...found the book to be a very easy read. There is lots of code for you to practice with. Brett's explanations are easily understood, and he throws in some good humor to keep this book light. I guess the final question of whether to buy the book comes down to whether you need Data Binding in your applications. If the answer is 'You bet your boots I do,' I highly recommend you buy this book."
--Mark Spritzler, JavaRanch June 2002