Media praise for System Performance Tuning

"If you're a system administrator looking for some good starting points to tune your Sun Solaris systems on SPARC hardware, then this book is definitely for you...You'll want to keep a notebook or highlighter handy while reading the book, as you'll almost certainly find something which you can immediately apply to your current situation. Read it while sitting at your command-prompt, otherwise you'll be itching to try out a tip or two until you can get back to your workstation...if you work with Linux or Solaris, and are looking for some high-leverage methods to coax better performance out of your systems, this is one book you'll likely want to read several times, and refer to often."
--Daniel C. Hanks, Provo Linux User Group, May 2002

"A first-class invaluable and highly recommended tutorial and continuing reference work."
--James Cox, The Bookwatch, May 2002