Media praise for 802.11 Security

"If you have any experience with CB (Citizen's band) or ham radio, you know that 'wireless security' is an oxymoron. So along come wireless networks, predominantly in the form of 802.11 networks and we are faced with the problem of securing what is inherently an unsecured medium. The book, '802.11 Security' by Bruce Potter and Bob Fleck, is an indispensable guide to taking on this task. to the network much the same way a client plugs into a hub...If you are going to have a wireless network, get this book."
--Gary Smith, Dallas/Fort Worth UNIX Users Group, September 2003

"Another important O'Reilly title is '802.11 Security'...A technical book, but very well written and quite suitable for the informed lay reader."
--Major Keary, "PC Update," December 2003

"Wireless security - an oxymoron? Not necessary with careful planning, configuration, understanding of 802.11 protocols and their weak spots. That is exactly what this tiny neat book provides to the readers – an information on the fundamentals of wireless security and practical solutions for deploying a secure 802.11 network... '802.11 Security' is not just another theoretical book discussing wireless security, but rather a book, which is written in a practical manner that helps the reader to easily setup a secure wireless network. Furthermore, the book covers a wide range of operating systems (Linux/*BSD), which is pretty rare to find in wireless related books.This book is essential for network administrators, system engineers, wireless enthusiasts and people who are willing to deploy a wireless network, especially in a non-Windows environment.", October 2003

"The book is aimed at security and network engineers, system administrators and general WiFi geeks interested in creating and fortifying secure wireless networks...Although the book presents an overview of Wireless communications and security issues, the focal point is to educate the readers how to setup a secure wireless network by using one of the mentioned operating systems (in client, AP or gateway scenario). By following the installation-specific parts of this publication, majority of inter-mediate readers will surely get enough info on how non-Windows systems can be used in various wireless network deployment phases. Spread over just about 190 pages, '802.11 Security is an easy-to-read technical guide that goes directly to the point and presents the reader with practical step-by-step information on creating a secure and stable wireless network. This book is surely a valuable addition to your bookshelf and will probably inspire you for using Linux or BSD system as your wireless network cornerstone."
--Berislav Kucan, Help Net Security, October 2003

"If you need a good, practical guide to the basics of setting up a wireless network, O'Reilly's '802.11 Security' may be for you...Nearly every wireless security reference will tell you to put a firewall in place behind your wireless network, but '802.11 Security' shows you how...The instructions are quite detailed and the configurations are easy to understand...'802.11 Security' will be invaluable to administrators who need to deploy a small-or medium-scale wireless network on a budget."
--David J. Bianco, Infosec, March 2003

"If you have any interest in comprehensive and detailed knowledge of how 802.11b security works from the network administrator's viewpoint, '802.11 Security' is the book for you. MacMice Rating: 4 out of 5."
--David Weeks,, February 2003

"...a timely compendium of information on the topic for more sophisticated sysadmins."
--Netsurfer Digest, February 2003

"With many users adopting wireless without regard for corporate policy, it borders on negligence to not have this information at hand."
--Peter Coffee, eweek, January 2003

"Doing a good job of wireless network security can get dicey, but blowing the issue off invites regret. Luckily, good help is easy to find. The book '802.11 Security' by network security experts Bruce Potter and Bob Fleck (O'Reilly, $34.95) is a well organized and straightforward resource for both novice and advanced network builders...'802.11 Security' is all the tool you need to keep intruders out of your network."
--Mike Dominowski, Staten Island Advance, January 2003