Media praise for XML in a Nutshell

"There is a lot to know about XML, but with this excellent reference manual, you don't have to know it, just where to look it up."--Jennifer Kyrnin,, Dec 10, 2002

"Sometimes, when you're in the middle of coding, you want the facts at your fingertips--not scattered all over the web, or in pages and pages of google searches. That's where O'Reilly's Nutshell books really come in handy...'XML in a Nutshell' is no exception, containing just about every piece of information on XML you're likely to need...a useful reference that should be next to the keyboard of every XML developer."
--Simon Bisson, PC Plus, Dec. 15, 2002

"This is an ideal publication and deserves pride of place on the bookshelf of anyone using XML. LinuxFormat Rating 9/10."
--Dave Coulson, Linux Format, Dec 2002

"'XML in a Nutshell' is a worthy addition to this excellent series from O'Reilly. Harold and Means do a tremendous job describing XML (and all of its companion standards) in a succinct and clear fashion. XML can be a bit bewildering in all of its intricacies, but this book should help nearly anyone get a good overview of its strengths and weaknesses as well as its utility in everyday programming. It is a worthy addition to your reference library."
--E. V. Bell, II, Ed's Internet Book Review

"When packing for a trip, we typically choose reference books that contain essential information in as small a package as possible. This book is an excellent choice for road warriors wanting a lot of information in a compact package. It covers APIs such as DOM and SAX, and specifications such as XPath, XSLT, XPointer, XLink, CSS, and Namespaces."
--Ken North, Dr Dobbs

"This is the XML book of all XML books."
--Brian Yager, North Alabama Cold Fusion Users Group, October 1, 2002

"Simply put, this is the only reference book of its kind among XML books."
--Wireless Developer Network, July 17, 2002

"Like all O'Reilly Nutshell books it does an excellent job of cramming all of the little facts needed to work with XML into a concise easy to reference book"--Jeremy Beker, Williamsburg Macromedia User Group, April 27, 2003

Reviews From Previous Edition

"an excellent source to learn about XML, from what it is, how to create a new document like a web page from an XML document using transformations and why XML is an EXTENSIBLE markup language (XML is not a programming language)...Although this book is not a tutorial, like most of the nutshell books, it fits as one due the excellent job from the authors who explain XML without being cryptic nor abstract, kudos to them...if you are interested in this technology take a look around on the existent books and don't leave this book behind."
--Calgary Oracle Users Group, March 6, 2002

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