Media praise for TCP/IP Network Administration

"Seen on the back cover of this book is some very high praise from knowledgeable writers of various magazines and other online sites. I would have to agree with every one of them. This is the best all around book I have to yet to read on the subject of TCP/IP network administration. All of the major topics are covered including security which often only gets a cursory review in many other books. Overall I highly recommend this book to the authors intended audience of system administrators, and the home user who is running or wishes to run web services. This book gets an SFDC 9/10 from me."
--Security Forums Dot Com, December 2003

"All in all, this would be quite a good introduction for anyone wanting to get started with TCP/IP networking."
--Kevin Taylor, Northants Linux Users Group, June 2002

"A good book to get to grips with TCP/IP, providing good foundations."
--Jon Kent, Linux Format, October 2002