Media praise for Learning Cocoa with Objective-C

"'Learning Cocoa with Objective-C Second Edition' is a book rich enough to satisfy both the novice programmer and the has-been coder who would like to move over to OS X...Out of all the books I've seen on the topic, this book is not only the best but the least expensive, as well. Quality definitely outweighs quantity on this one, and I would recommend this book to anyone, novice or professional, who would like a guide to Cocoa."
--Dan Hollister, Macteens, March 2004

"By the time I got through it, I pretty much understood the whys and wherefores in OS X and how Cocoa apps behave. It peeled back the mystery for me...Apple wants application developers to succeed on the OS X platform and this book goes a long ways in making that process possible."--Robert Pritchett, MacNut, January 2003