Media praise for Programming C#

"Many of C#'s most powerful capabilities draw on its relationship to the broader .NET Framework. Liberty explains these improvements in detail--including garbage collection, assemblies, versioning, attributes, reflection, marshaling, and remoting. All with the extraordinary clarity and well-crafted examples we've come to expect from Jesse Liberty."--Bill Camard, Barnes &

"An authoritative resource."--Major Keary, PC Update, October 2002

"Jesse Liberty has written an excellent introduction to C# entitled, 'Programming C#.'"
--Thomas Paul,, Oct 2002

"'Programming C#' is close to being the perfect introduction to C#. The author has a nice style of writing that makes the book easy to read and understand. Although the author assumes that you have some familiarity with programming, he does not assume that you know C++ or Java and does not rely on you knowing either language...I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning the C# language even if that interest is purely academic."
--Thomas Paul,, July 2002

"'Programming C#' is a very well thought out and organized approach to learning the C# programming language...All in all, this is an excellent reference book as well as a great resource for virtually any level of developer who is trying to learn the ins and outs of the C# programming language."
--Salt Lake City ColdFusion User Group, June 2002

"Jesse Liberty has a habit of writing wonderful technical books. I've read several. His writing style is easy-to-read, clear, humorous and chatty and, at times just plain fun to read. 'Programming C#' is no exception...I would recommend it as a great starter book to any programmer who wants to discover what all the .NET hype is about."
--Jeff Richards, Windowatch, June 2002

"You rarely get a duff book from O'Reilly and this one is no exception. In over 400 pages, this does a good job of covering the fundamental elements of C# and the .NET framework."
--Huw Collingbourne, PC Plus, June 2002