Media praise for Web, Graphics & Perl/Tk Programming

"The articles are written as stand alone pieces, so each one has its own introductions. Where there is a thread the order has been preserved, and where several articles relate to a common topic they have been arranged in the best order for reading...For anyone with an interested in any of the topics covered--especially Web technologies and graphics--this book is well worth browsing. If you would like to see examples of Perl at work this is a pleasant, readable introduction. For Perl users it offers a wide range of practical applications and discussions."
--Major Keary, PC Update, September 2003

"This is the book that can take an alert programmer from ignorance about how the Web works, to expert confidence, faster than any other... 'Web, Graphics & Perl/Tk' does an excellent job of bringing a newcomer up to speed with Perl/Tk's capabilities and spirit...It provides a broad view of the range of Perl graphics available nowhere else."--Cameron Laird, UnixReview, May 2003