Media praise for Perl Cookbook

"In short, this book allowed me to learn the ins and outs of Perl at my own pace, making this a wonderful cookbook for any Perl chef."
-- Jacob Allen, Computer Science House

"This is a fantastic companion reference to have on the book of any developer's desk, absolutely fantastic...When I open a book with the title 'Cookbook' I expect a whole myriad of recipes and while this is the case some of the time, it's not always true. For the retail price of $49.95 you are getting an absolute BARGAIN with the amount of material that is enclosed in this book (over 900+ pages). It is quite possible with the amount of examples and blurbs in this book that you might never need another programming reference for Perl."
--Daniel J. McKinnon, review, June 2005

"After finishing the second edition of the 'Perl Cookbook,' I felt ready for the challenges of programming Perl in today's environment. Where the first edition seems inadequate today because of technologies that have emerged since its printing, the second edition again provides a stable foundation for any Perl programmer, beginner to advanced. I recommend the 'Perl Cookbook' strongly, even for those who already have the first edition...I recommend it without reservations, and I'm sure it will be useful for years to come. "
--Teodor Zlatanov,, May 2004

"As a Perl programmer, you probably own or have access to O'Reilly's 'Perl Cookbook." It's an essential book for the advanced development of Perl skills...Fortunately, you now how an additional excuse to buy a fresh copy of the 'Perl Cookbook,' since the second edition is out...[The editors have] managed to find tune the existing recipes for the latest version of Perl and have added many more recipes to keep up with the developing needs of Perl programmers. This was quite an undertaking on their part, and they've succeeded nicely."
--The Perl Journal, February 2004

"What can I write about a book that most of the Perl community, if not all, considers a valuable resource for Perl programmers?...If you have the 1st Edition, buy the 2nd Edition. If you don't own a copy of the Perl Cookbook, buy one...The Perl Cookbook 2nd edition is a must-buy for the beginner to advance Perl programmer alike. If you have a problem, the Cookbook can give you a solution or at least point you in the right direction."
--Scott Hildreth, Chicago Perl Mongers, January 2004

"The new recipes cover a number of subjects. One of the prominent themes is how to use perl's new unicode support, as well as the new I/O layers feature. The coverage of web programming has definitely been fleshed out with recipes on XML-RPC, SOAP and so on, plus the new chapter on mod_perl. Also of interest of course are the additional recipes on database access with DBI...I really enjoyed reading the XML chapter (a subject I'm less familiar with): I predict that you'll find this to be the fastest way through the XALPHABET XSOUP without drowning. For me, this was almost worth the price of the book...In general, it's difficult to think of anything seriously wrong with the Perl Cookbook." Rating: 9, October 2003