Media praise for Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks

"I have tinkered with electronics ever since I was a kid, and this book brings me back to those days...I really enjoyed this book; it has a lot of information and is easy to follow. I would highly recommend it if you are interested in electronics. I give it 4 out of 5."
-- Luke Dubber, Alaska Adobe Developer Users Group

"This is extreme hacking at its lunatic best..."
--Davey Winder, PC Plus, August 2004

"Overall, I was very impressed with this book. Fullam has given the geek community a valuable resource that will provide inspiration for aspiring and veteran hackers alike. It covers many projects that I have personally wanted to build or learn more about, and presents concepts that would be of interest to many fellow Slashdotters...I highly recommend Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks to anyone with an interest in those fun projects that only nerds can understand.", February 2004

"It has often been said that the motivation behind a hacker is laziness: why do for yourself what a machine could do for you? In keeping with that tradition, a true hacker will enjoy the fact that Scott Fullam has taken the trouble to document and explain these hacks to such a thorough extent…This is an entertaining and informative read, and an eminently useful reference manual for anyone interested in accomplishing any of the included projects."
--Chris Lawson, About This Particular Macintosh, June 2004

"'Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks,' another in the enjoyable O'Reilly Hacks Series would likely appeal to anyone who as a kid took something apart, just to 'see how it works'. It's a book that encourages tinkering, experimentation, and a zeal to 'improve' the everyday gadgets and appliances that surround us.", May 2004

"'Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks'…takes it to another level for the aspiring tinker[er]. Imagination is the limitation. :)", April 2004

"Author Fullam has organized one of the best books available on hacking various types of hardware, and all readers with even an inkling of interest in carrying out these various dynamic projects will find he has provided a super tool to assist in their endeavor."
--Dale Farris, Golden Triangle PC Club, April 2004