Media praise for Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference

"This book truly is a definitive resource for DHTML development. I originally read this book when Ajax was taking off as an acronym and a movement. I am VERY glad that I read this book to set a solid background in the Javascript and XHTML underpinnings of Ajax - moving on to Ajax topics has been straightforward after digesting Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference. This book is VERY hefty but the time taken to read it in detail will definitely pay off for you. I cannot think of a relevant topic that was not covered in great detail. Highly recommended!"
-- Donald Bickel,

"This is an essential reference for users with a serious interest in DHTML."
--Major Kearny, Book News, Jan 2003

"This isn't bedside reading, but it is probably the one essential reference the savvy webmaster will need by their computer."--Bookbytes, December 31, 2002

"This has been without a doubt the definitive HTML reference book ever since it was first published in 1998...a great value, essentially consisting of four reference books in one. For XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and DOM., No webworkers bookshelf should be without this weighty's time to update to the new edition."
--Netsurfer Digest, Nov 8, 2002

"The most complete reference work for HTML, DOM, CSS and Javascript, cross referenced for all the major browsers and standards...The quality of Danny Goodman's writing is both technically accurate and easy to read. The clarity and lack of fluff is good, but there is no skimping on detail where such is needed to illuminate a point. Let's face it: web development is not as complex as most software engineering or systems development tasks, but it is a discipline with quite a wide base, reflected in the 1400 pages of this tome. I wouldn't trim any of it, however, and I expect that after about a year of use I will have referred to a good proportion of the contents...I find this book really useful. I can't imagine any web developer doing without this book and managing to produce a good cross-platform solution, and I also can't imagine that developer needing any other texts on any of the technologies covered here. I certainly don't have any others on my desk today."
--TheThinMan,, Oct 29, 2002

"We received this book about a month ago, and already, have referred to it more times than the rest of our DHTML books combined. If you've already broken into DHTML, this book is a must-have now. If you're completely new to the technology, know that the inevitable day is coming that you will need to have this book. Like attempting to learn a spoken language without a good dictionary, forget about it.", Oct 28, 2002

"It's been a few years since the first edition, which is still the best reference on HTML despite being severely out of date. The new edition is 1400 packed pages that actually tells you what web browsers that are actually in use actually do, which makes it invaluable. It has been brought up to date with all the latest browsers and the newest HTML specs. If you're working with HTML in any way, shape, or form, this book is an absolute requirement."
--Joel Spolsky,, October 9, 2002

"I can't pretend to imagine the amount of time and effort that must have gone into writing this book. But I can appreciate it. The detail, insight, and information density is excellent."
--Garrett Goebel, Kansas City Perl Mongers, July 2003

Reviews From Previous Edition

"'Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Guide' ($39.95, O'Reilly) tells all about combining DHTML with JavaScript."--Edward Mendelson, PC Magazine, April 23, 2002