Media praise for Practical UNIX and Internet Security

"'Practical Unix & Internet Security, Third Edition' a classic that, like the proverbial farmer, is outstanding in it's field...'Practical Unix & Internet Security' remains the one-volume complete introduction to the basic issues of UNIX security...while profoundly technical and highly detailed, [this book] possesses a viewpoint well above the technical horizon...If you're in charge of security for any online UNIX system or systems, go to and read the table of contents. You'll probably discover you could benefit from reading this uniquely useful and comprehensive volume that only improves with age."
--Jack Woehr, C/C++ Users Journal, February 2004

"Written by the team that defined the classic approaches to security...this comprehensive 1,000-page book provides the background, tools and suggestions from administrations needed to understand Unix and Internet security. The latest edition squeezes in much more information than the second. I particularly liked the detailed coverage of Mac OS X, which I haven't seen anywhere else. It's a worthy update."
--Vince Tuesday, "Computerworld," November 2003

"['Practical UNIX & Internet Security, Third Edition'] updates and revises this comprehensive classic for beginning to advanced administrators, with hands-on, applicable advice for securing UNIX and UNIX-like networks. While all examples are UNIX-specific, the underlying explanations of network security issues are useful overall. Its logical organization and clear explanations make it a good reference for larger libraries."
--Rachel Singer Gordon, Library Journal, October 1, 2003

"This is a solid update to an already solid book. New topics include LDAP, Samba,wireless, intrusion detection, Mac OS X, and much more."
--Peter Baer Galvin, "Sys Admin," July 2003

"A quarter of a million people have found earlier editions of this book useful, or at least that's what the blurb of this book would have us believe. Quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if that were a conservative estimate...If you want a really hands-on guide about your computer, and aren't afraid of having to really get into a great deal of depth, then 'Practical Unix & Internet Security' is a good read, and a great reference."
--Paul Hudson, "Linux Format," July 2003

"The 'practical' in the title is just that--this is a great book for working-stiff sysadmins who want the script kiddies and attackers to stay out of their systems."
--Rick Wayne, "Software Development," June 2003

"I especially like this book's treatment of how to handle security incidents, which are going to occur no matter how careful you are."
--Peter Coffee, eWeek, March 31, 2003

"'Practical Unix & Internet Security' is an excellent reference for those who need a starting point for developing security awareness as well as experienced administrators."
--Mack Lundy, Williamsburg Macromedia User Group, May 19, 2003

"This is a welcome update of what has become the definitive reference on securing real Unix systems, and more. The authors once again show that security can be achieved only with a sufficient understanding of how things work. If you run a Unix or Unix-like system, then you need this book."
--Wietse Venema, Author of TCP Wrappers, SATAN, Postfix

"When the first edition was published, this work became an instant classic. Indeed, it so thoroughly flattened the competition that since then, no book of real substance has come out covering the same territory. Paradoxically to some, host security is not only relevant, but actually more important in this age of networking, and this third edition is by far the best of its class, covering all the basics needed to both better understand security and secure your systems."
--Dan Farmer, Security Researcher

"Buy this book and save on aspirin."
--Cliff Stoll, Author of The Cuckoo's Egg and Silicon Snake Oil

"This is exactly the type of practical, easy to follow book that system administrators need to stay one step ahead of the system crackers --if you have time to read only one security book, this should be it."
--Kevin J. Ziese, Captain, United States Air Force; Chief, Countermeasures Development, AF Information Warfare Center

"The previous edition... was one of the first to seriously address the issues of security in a networked UNIX environment; with the explosive growth of the Internet since that time, plus the book's expanded coverage of cryptography, tools, new services, and protocols, the second edition will be an important part of any system administrator's bookshelf."
--Alec Muffett, Network Security Consultant and Author of the Crack Program

"This revised edition...ably chronicles the changing security world of the Internet, with a greatly increased emphasis on network security and firewalls. If you could only purchase one book on Internet security, this is the one you'd want."
--Dan Farmer, Author of the SATAN and COPS Programs

Reviews From Previous Edition

"If you're a novice at computer security and want to learn, get this book and set aside time to read some of it every day. The bookmark will move slowly, but keep moving it. If you're already an expert, get this book and keep it at hand as a reference--and read a chapter a month, just to remind yourself of things you've forgotten."
--Jennifer Vesperman,

"If you know nothing about Linux security, and only have time for one book you should start with 'Practical Unix and Internet Security.' It's a fat book, but its accessible, and it gives you a solid grounding in the basics."
--Charlie Stross, Linux Format, May 2002

"If you're a TCP/IP network administrator, these three books published by O'Reilly on networking {'DNS & BIND;' 'TCP/IP Network Administration;' 'Practical Unix & Internet Security'} are indispensable. These three guides are essential to managing a TCP/IP Network."
--, March 2002