Media praise for Programming Jakarta Struts

"This is my favorite book on Struts. I consider it the Struts 'bible.' If you're new to Struts, the book's first four chapters provide enough of an introduction to get you started. Once you have deployed a simple Struts app, the remaining chapters show you how to take advantage for the more sophisticated Struts features."
--Don Denoncourt, "e-Pro Magazine," April 2003

"The author explained clearly his purpose and successfully accomplished it in the book. I may not be a struts guru right now but I certainly have the tool to help me become one."
--Cody Schouten, Utah Java User Group, May 2003

"When you are new to Struts this book is the perfect tutorial for you. But the book also expands beyond the basics, so if you are already familiar with Struts you might be looking forward to reading the more advanced chapters about Tiles, the Validator Framework, logging, exception handling, or Struts & EJBs. No matter if you want to get started with Struts or if you want to deepen your knowledge about Struts, I think this is the best and most up to date book available. Five Stars."
--Michael Marr, JUG Walldorf, March 2003