Media praise for Learning Unix for Mac OS X

"In fact, this is an excellent (and very good value) introduction to Unix in all its flavour."
--IT Training, September 2002

"Opening 'Learning Unix for Mac OS X' was like visiting an old friend...OS X adds considerably to its Unix base, so this book has a lot of Mac-specific territory to cover. Fortunately, the journey is a pleasurable one...I know this book will stay close to my G4 and get well worn over the years."
--Jack Dolby, Club Mac of Hampton, August 2002

"So, you bought your brand-new Apple computer, excited to try out OS X and all its Unixy goodness, only to find out that while Apple is happy to tout the Unix heritage of OS X, they don't put any emphasis on all the goodies under the hood. The product manual shows you around the sexy new GUI, but you're left to stumble through the command-line toolbox that comes with it on your own. O'Reilly's 'Learning Unix for Mac OS X' is the first book (that I'm aware of, anyway) out there to help the Mac faithful get a grip on Unix. It's a smallish tome that won't scare off folks who are used to pointing and clicking (with only one button!) their way through happen to be in possession of an Apple machine running OS X and want to make use of the command-line tools, this is a great book to start with. Folks who are going from Windows to the Mac or people moving from older Mac OSes will find this book a real handy companion...The book is well worth the $19.95 cover price if you're not familiar with Unix. It might just make command-line enthusiasts out of the Mac faithful."--Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier,, September 2002

"Unbeknownst to most owners of the 2 million Macintosh computers running the new OS X operating system is that these machines are based on the powerful Unix language...There's hardly a word about this in the manuals from Apple, but that lack of information gets fixed very nicely by a new book from O'Reilly & Associates 'Unix for Mac OSX.'"
--James Coates, Chicago Tribune, July 29, 2002

"I urge you to get a copy of the book--the asking price is well worth the peace of mind it brings."
--George Carrington, ACT Apple Users Group, Australia, August 2002

"As soon as the UPS man left my door step and I saw the box that this gem was in I was stunned. It was so small! Small for computer books is anything under 400 pages and this book sure weighs in at less than that. It's bigger than a Pocket Reference but smaller than most O'Reilly books. After reading it I can truthfully say that 'size really doesn't matter'!...This book is everything (and more) that I had to learn by trial and error and complex man pages. My only regret is that this wasn't available a year ago. I would have paid TWICE the price just to save the time/frustration I spent learning what I had."
--Jonathan Gales,, May 30, 2002

"Mac users have sort of been thrown into deep water with the introduction of Apple's Mac OSX operating System. All of a sudden, the cuddly interface was slapped on a Ferrari-like Unix engine. Sure enough, there is a large pent-up demand among Mac users to find out how that powerful Unix engine works, ably addressed by this book...It's a good resource for the advanced beginner who wants to play under the hood."
--Netsurfer Digest, May 23, 2002

"That little iMac sitting on your desk has literally industrial strength web serving capabilities. Taylor and Peak give a gentle introduction to the world of the Unix command line within OS X."
--Peter Cramer, Macintosh Users of Delaware, June 2002