Media praise for Essential System Administration

"I am yet to find a task, whether typical or atypical, that is not covered in Essential System Administration."
-- Tony Abou-Assaleh, Dalhousie ACM

"Essential System Administration is an excellent resource for cron and any other system scripting."
--Damir Delija, Sys Admin magazine, October 2004

"Probably the most important book in any UNIX or LINUX administrator's library."
--Edmonton Linux User Group, March 2004

"Books that bear the O'Reilly publisher's name and trademark cover images almost never fail to live up to the standard of quality this publisher repeatedly strives to reach. The third edition of Aeleen Frisch's 'Essential System Administration' fills its spot perfectly as yet another esteemed O'Reilly title...Usually, books that truly expand the reader's knowledge of a topic are tome-like in their size and voice. And Frisch's book, at first glance, appears to live up to the promise of being extremely enlightening, as it weighs in at a whopping 1,095 pages. Fortunately for those of us who fall into a state of somnambulism with large amounts of heavy material, Frisch's take on the topic is both light and refreshing without sacrificing good structure and fantastic lessons. Humor repeatedly balances what would otherwise come across as dry and heavy. Frisch begins the book with her take on system administration as a job, a culture, and a way of approaching problem solving tasks. Normally I would skip such a topic as I'm more interested in the meat of the book--what will help me do my job better. Yet at some point in the skimming of this chapter, I fell into full-on reading and came away with a sense of motivation for the tasks that I would find ahead of me. This introduction certainly set the tone for the remainder of the book. After years in the industry, Frisch understands like few can how a sys admin job requires more than just problem solving skills and knowledge of the system architecture."
--Kerri-Leigh Grady, CompuNotes, Feb 2003

"For someone who has some experience with FreeBSD, Linux, and/or another Unix operating system and wants to get into the world of system administration, I would recommend this book not only for the coverage of multiple operating systems but also for the insight provided on security and overall system management. It would also be a good read for those who want or need to work in an environment that has several varieties of Unix."
--Linh Pham, Daemon News, Jan 2003

"The book was enjoyable to read and full of tips and tricks learned over a system administration career spanning 20 years. Frisch's experiences in the trenches really shows...she didn't just jam the book with dry, technical facts, but instead included pertinent, and frequently humorous, anecdotes that always underscored the topic at hand."
--Matthew Cheek, UnixReview, Nov 28, 2002

"This is the definitive guide for system administrators.", Oct 3, 2002

"This is truly 'essential' for anyone at any level of Linux or Unix administration who needs a deeper understanding, or a quick response to a question, or an informed view that allows them to make a tactical decision."
--Stephen M. H. Braitman, North Bay Multimedia Association, October 2002

"Like most other folks in my line of work, as a technical writer I spend a great deal of my 'non-writing' time reading. Online documentation, HOWTOs, installation guides, and yes, lots and lots of dead-tree books. Over the years, I've accumulated a select pile of favorites. They're easily recognized--dog-eared, within easy reach, and full of sticky-note bookmarks. Last week I received a review copy of AEleen Frisch's latest 'Essential System Administration' (O'Reilly & Associates, 3rd Edition), and I'm delighted to say it's already earned a place on my 'most-used' pile (in just four days, it's in the early throes of looking used and sporting numerous placeholders). I don't say this lightly: If you administer Unix systems full-time, part-time, or simply as a hobby, you need this title in your library. Frisch's writing style is readable, non-stuffy, and the material she presents is chocked-full of valuable insights, HOWTOs, tips, and succinct explanations of difficult topics.", October 8, 2002

"This book is 'essential' in more ways that one. As an all-in-one reference for system administrators looking to bring Linux into a Unix environment (or to migrate from Unix to Linux), the details are all there. It is equally a great first book for those thinking about becoming system administrators. But perhaps most impressively, it is an accessible book for the system-curious, people who use Unix or Linux and want to learn how to get the most out of their system (and system administrators). A true example of what great technical writing can be, and the standard that O'Reilly sets as a publisher."
--Michael Tiemann, Chief Technology Officer, Red Hat, July 2002

"Frisch's considerable knowledge, coupled with her lucid writing style, has produced a superb reference for any and every UNIX administrator, novice or advanced. It is also an excellent resource for UNIX users." --Sys Admin Magazine

"Best general UNIX system administration book I have seen. This is a wealth of experience on tap, and that is hard to beat." --Docfilter

"extremely helpful-this is a hands-on, HOWTO book, with concise, clear instructions for most UNIX flavors. It covers the core tasks in a no B.S., real-world way"-- J. Gentry,

"If I had to pick one book for my bookshelf, this would be it." --Dinah McNutt, UNIX Review

"I am yet to find a task, whether typical or atypical, that is not covered in Essential System Administration."
--Tony Abou-Assaleh, Dalhousie ACM