Media praise for Mac OS X Pocket Reference

"[Consumers] will find the fine 'pocket references' produced by O'Reilly to be compact and affordable."
-- James Cox, The Computer Shelf: Midwest Book Review

"If the perils and pitfalls of Mac OS X accost you at home, at work, and in between, you need Chuck Toporek's 'Mac OS X Pocket Reference' (O'Reilly,, $12.95). This handy guide puts hundreds of Mac OS X tips, hints, and explanations in a compact 4.25-by-7-inch format."
--MacAddict, August 2002

"Unlike the massive computer books usually seen on the shelves of book stores this book can literally fit in your pocket! Being a little nerdy I did this (just because it is titled a pocket reference and I figured it would count as research)... This isn't a book that will keep you up at night but when you are on the phone with a friend and need to know how to chmod quickly, I guarantee you'll be reaching for this."
--Jon Gales,, May 15, 2002

"Although the Designer's Bookshelf concentrates on books in the visual communications fields, the 'Mac OS X Pocket Reference' caught all our Mac User's fancy and won the Editor's Choice Circle for July 2002."

"The ultimate guide to newcomers to Mac OS X"--The First Coast Mac, July 2002

"I have wasted a lot of personal time and effort in early endeavors to gather the emerging, needed facts on this new system, and this timely little paperback is the best bargain I am aware of." --Bill Bankston, The Peel, July 2002

"The Max OS X Pocket Reference caught all our Mac User's fancy and won itself a place in the Editor's Choice Circle for July 2002."--Design- Bookshelf, July 2002

"Don't take this book's size for minimal's "mucho content at a mini size." This book contains everything Mac OS X under the sun--except for, maybe, the secret 'fsck' disk repair command...Rating: 93% A successful attempt at creating a pocket-sized reference book for Mac OS X users." --The AquaticMac, 5 June 2002

"In some respects, writing a small reference book about a topic as complex as Mac OS X is more of a challenge than writing a doorstop-sized tome. Figuring out what can be safely left out is the trick. Chuck Toporek, the Macintosh editor at O'Reilly & Associates Inc., has tackled the job with his new "Mac OS X Pocket Reference: A User's Guide to Mac OS X" which, at 103 pages plus index, is the slimmest OS X volume I've reviewed here. However, Chuck has managed to pack an amazing amount of useful information into a book that really will fit in your trousers back pocket (I just tried it). If you're not into reading lengthy and detailed manuals, but still need some help with OS X from time to time, this book is for you...Mac OS X Pocket Reference delivers on what it's advertised to do and sells for a modest $12.95. As is typical of O'Reilly books, the design, layout, and organization of the book are first-rate."-- Charles W. Moore, Applelinks, May 24, 2002